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Looking for a site to play Bingo at? You’re in luck. We’ve evaluated numerous Bingo sites and have compiled a list of Bingo site reviews to make finding games easy and convenient.

Bingo Online – All in Fun of the Bingo Hall – None of the Inconveniences

Think about what you’d have to do to play at a Bingo hall. You have to get ready, drive to the Bingo hall, purchase your tickets and wait for the games to start. You’ll then have to interact with complete strangers, and you can’t get away from that smelly guy who forgot to shower today. Worse still, if the Bingo hall allows smoking, you have to put up with second-hand smoke.

Then there’s the actual game. You have to wait for the Bingo caller to pull the balls, make multiple calls with each number and then you have to physically mark each card.

With online Bingo, you avoid all of these hassles. You can play from the comfort of your own home and purchase tickets automatically from your computer. Next, if you don’t want to interact with others, you don’t have to.

Finally, the games can be completely automated if you choose. No daubing the tickets or having to make sure you didn’t miss a number. Also, games run much faster than live Bingo games as the computer runs the game.

How is Online Bingo Different From ‘Real Life’ Bingo?

There are several huge differences between online Bingo and “real life” Bingo. First, online Bingo tends to be more inexpensive than live Bingo. You can find games as cheap as a few pence, making the game affordable on any budget.

Next, there are many more players in an online Bingo game over live Bingo games. Depending on the buy-in, this can result in much larger prizes over live games. Best of all, you can play online Bingo every day and most any time of the day. Live Bingo halls usually operate just a few hours during a day and sometimes only a couple times a week.

Is It Safe to Play Bingo Online?

Online Bingo is completely safe to play provided that you take a few precautions. This means that you need to check out each site to make sure that they offer strong security and are licensed. Sites that have an SSL certificate have incorporated superior encryption on their site and are certified that all player data is secure.

f you plan to play at a Bingo site, only play at those that are licensed by a reputable online regulator. The UK Gambling Commission is the elite regulator in the industry and any site licensed by them can be trusted in the same way as you would a licensed brick and mortar casino. Stay away from sites that are either unlicensed or licensed by a regulator with a questionable reputation.

How to Get Started Playing Online Bingo

It’s super simple to get started playing online Bingo. First, go to the site where you’d like to play and signup for an account. If they have software for your PC or a mobile app, go ahead and install it. Otherwise, log in to your account and make your first deposit.

When you sign up, your site will offer your either welcome bonus or some other type of promotion for signing up. We encourage you to sign up using these promotions as they will provide your with bonus cash and other perks that will help you play more and have more fun.

After selecting your promotion, go ahead and make your deposit. Once done, you’re ready to play! Just pick your game and start playing!

Bingo Offers of the Month

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest Bingo promotions, go no further. Check out our list of the best Bingo offers of the month.

Play Bingo on Your Smartphone

If you love to play games on your mobile phone or tablet, then you should try mobile Bingo. Most Bingo sites offer a mobile version of their website. Many sites can be played directly from your device’s web browser while others offer their own mobile app.

Those that remember Bingo apps from a few years ago should know that mobile technology has advanced dramatically. You can now do most anything on mobile Bingo that you can from your desktop, making it a perfect choice for those wishing to play Bingo while on the go.

Online Bingo – All The Fun and None of the Hassle

It’s no surprise that online Bingo continues to grow in popularity annually. Online Bingo is remarkably simpler and more convenient to play than live Bingo and typically offers larger prizes. With mobile Bingo, you can play from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. We invite you to bookmark this page and come back often as it will be regularly updated with the latest reviews and promotions from the best online Bingo sites.