£100K FREE Bingo Game at Costa Bingo

On the last day of this month, one of the biggest bingo sites is hosting one of the biggest free bingo games we’ve seen in quite a while. The £100K free bingo game at Costa Bingo is a free bingo game like no other. Sure, you can find free bingo games being played day and night at sites across the entire internet but these games normally have jackpots of a few pounds – not one hundred grand!\r\n\r\nThis free bingo game takes place at 9pm on 31st March at Costa Bingo and it’s going to be massive. To make it even more of an event, the guys and gals at Costa Bingo have decided to pay just one lucky player £50,000, with the remaining £50,000 being divided equally among all other players in the game, no matter how many numbers they have marked off. This means that everyone’s guaranteed to be a winner one way or another.\r\n\r\nThis is no joke. Costa Bingo is really giving away £100,000 in cash to players in a bingo game that is completely free to enter. The only condition to entry is that you are a funded player at the site.\r\n\r\nYou can claim your six free tickets to this massive free bingo game in just a matter of seconds by visiting www.costabingo.com, logging into your account and heading for the specials section in the bingo lobby. From here, you can prebuy your tickets right now, although the term ‘prebuy’ may be ever so slightly inaccurate as there is no ‘buying’ to be done – these tickets are completely free.\r\n\r\nThe £100,000 game is a 75-ball coverall game, with the first player to cover every number on one of their ticket’s taking home £50,000. Costa Bingo will not be dividing of the £50,000 prize. If more than one player covers all of their numbers at the same time, a second game will take place featuring the tied winners of the first game only.\r\n\r\nWhat do you have to lose? Head over to Costa Bingo right away and claim your six free tickets to one of the biggest free bingo games ever!

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