£2,000 Big Money Game at William Hill bingo

William Hill Bingo\r\nMarch has arrived and whilst not quite sprung yet, Spring is doing its best to warm us all up! Whilst we are still snuggled up inside, some people have been making good use of the time by winning lots of dosh! Well done to recent William Hill Bingo winners Elainepov, who won £175.00, Angelg8l3, who scored a win of £204.64, Kath_2_win_x, who won a fine £128.73 and Stromlass who picked up £124.11. If you want to try your luck out at William Hill Bingo then be sure to look out for this months offers and promotions. \r\n\r\nFancy winning three grand? Well then you will want to know about the £3,000 Mega March play-off at William Hill Bingo. The £3,000 Mega March play-off will be held on Friday 26th March, but you will need a special ticket to get entry! Flyers for the £3,000 Mega March play-off can be found in the Community room, with one special game per hour. For ever win on one of these special flyers between Monday 1st and Tuesday 23rd March you will get six tickets for the £3,000 Mega March play-off game. \r\n\r\nPencil in the 19th March at 9pm, because William Hill Bingo will be holding a special £2,000 Big Money Game. Pre-buy your ticket now for only 20p each! Also, do not forget the big £14K Mothers Day special Link game at William Hill. Simply log on to William Hill Bingo on Sunday 14th March and you can take part in the Link game at 10.30pm! The game will be held in the Community room and the prize money is £2,000 for one line, £4,000 for two lines and a full house worth £8,000. Alternatively, enjoy Mothers Day in leisure and simply pre-buy your tickets in preparation of your absence! \r\n\r\nUsers of the William Hill Bingo site may have to complete a Flash 10 upgrade this month. Simply visit the William Hill Bingo site and follow the prompts – it is really easy – soon enough you will all be ready to go! Visitors to the website will need to do this from 2nd March onward\r\n\r\nClick here to visit William Hill Bingo

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