£25k Maximum Bingo launched at Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo is already famous for its ‘everyone’s a winner’ giveaways. Little daily contests that involve visiting the site to take part in a fun instant game to reveal a prize from 25p to TVs or cameras or DVD players. The site has now taken the concept to a new level with Foxy Bingo Maximum Bingo.\r\n\r\nMaximum Bingo are one off special bingo games that are announced at random times over the year at Foxy Bingo and the concept raises the bar of what online bingo players can expect from their bingo games. Foxy Bingo Maximum Bingo games result in every single player in the game walking away with something. There is a total prize fund of £25,000. The full house prize is £5,000; two lines and one line each pay £2,500. It goes on to give 1tg and 2tg players a share of £5,000 – £2,500 each and then further – every losing ticket shares the remaining £10k.\r\n\r\nThe Maximum Bingo concept was first trialled at Foxy Bingo a few months ago. Unsurprisingly it proved extremely popular and could not become a regular feature at the site. The next Maximum Bingo game is on 8th July at 9.30pm and tickets are just 99p each.\r\n\r\nVisit Foxy Bingo and have a look at this and the lots of other great features and offers that have been introduced or join for the first time and get a 200% first deposit bonus.

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