Big prizes in new Cinco rooms at tombola Bingo

As a bingo site that caters to the needs of its players tombola has a varied menu of games for everyone to enjoy. However, some games tend to be more popular than others and tombola also understands this. For this reason the site has recently expanded the availability of its popular card game Cinco.\r\n

tombola bingo

\r\nThis game is so easy to play and offers access across numerous prices to play so there is something for everyone to manage. The 5p rooms tend to be very busy, but at the other end of the scale the 40p rooms can also fill up fairly quickly, especially during the peak mid-evening session. We can announce that tombola has recently added 3 new rooms to their Cinco line up, all with names fitting in with the existing theme of luxury destinations.\r\n\r\nThere are two new 5p rooms, St Lucia and Venice and one new 40p room, Aspen. This means there are now a total of 20 Cinco rooms to play in during the most popular playing periods. All those rooms will be tested to the full later this week as Cinco becomes the featured game in the tombola promotions timetable.\r\n\r\nCinco Nights will run from 22nd to 24th November and there will be guaranteed minimum prizes in every room between 8pm and 10pm each night. Play for £20 for just 5p a set, £30 for 10p, £60 for 20p and a huge £150 a game for just 40p a set.\r\n\r\nBefore that though there are big jackpots available in the 90 ball bingo rooms at tombola Bingo from Monday 18th November to Wednesday 20th November in the 90’s All Nighter giveaway. In a move away from the normal peak hours jackpots, this week tombola has a treat for the night owls. There will be £1,000 full house prizes up for grabs every half an hour between midnight and 2am.

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