News promotions for March\r\nThe hottest news at this month is their Monster Jackpots, playing in the their living room in the JP60 game there is currently a big cash jackpot waiting to be won of £60000! Imagine the summer holiday you could book yourself with that or maybe buy a new kitchen and have money left to spare! People are winning on all day every day with people stashing £100 in their banks and recently Bonanza even managed to bag themselves £3530 when their numbers came up. \r\n\r\nProbably the best thing this month about is the number of chances they give you to win. Every night they have £25 guaranteed jackpots in their Sauna and tavern rooms and with tiny ticket prices you stand to make a good profit. There are also the Diamond Dauber games that will give you five tickets for free for every five tickets that you buy. If you don’t have a lot of time to play there are always the Lightening games to play where the numbers zoom by so quickly you have time to squeeze in a game anytime of day and still not be late to collect the children from school or your suit from the dry cleaners!\r\n\r\nTo celebrate Easter, St Patrick’s day and International women’s day they are even hosting special pattern games where the numbers drawn need to match the picture on your board and although they haven’t announced the prize fund for these games yet it is sure to be exciting if you win it! Aside from prize games there are also plenty of chat games to play and all the chat games are designed to get people talking with each other as well as earning some fabulous bonus points to keep you playing bingo and in with a chance of winning.\r\n\r\nClick here to visit

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