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Bingo Fabulous Online Bingo\r\n\r\nBingo fabulous offers ‘non-stop fun’ – and arguably some of the most\r\nexciting offers and bonuses in the bingo business to all thier players. They\r\nlove to offer innovative and exciting prizes, and each month they introduce\r\na huge new range of give-aways – from cruises and holidays, to having your\r\nbills paid!\r\n\r\nThis June is no exception, and they have loads of new offers, as well as\r\ntheir great bonuses for new players – with 20 free cards offered to all new\r\nplayers to help them get started. In addition, all first deposits recieve a\r\n100% cash match bonus between the value of £5 and £100, with all deposits\r\nmade after matched to 50%.\r\n\r\nJune is a great month for guaranteed jackpots, too, with a £100 jackpot\r\nguaranteed every day at Bingo Fabulous, taking place every night a 8:45pm.\r\nBut, Bingo Fabulous is not known so much for their jackpots – instead they\r\nare known for their prizes. This June they are giving away a £500 holiday\r\nfrom just £1 per game on Thursdays, and even free big bets on Wimbledon! The\r\nbiggest prizes this June, however, is the vip cabin for two on board the\r\nMexican Riviera bingo cruise. This can be won by playing games, chatting and\r\nreferring friends on the site – and there’s no fee for trying, just as long\r\nas you play on the site you have a chance to win, although currently the\r\ncompetition is really hotting up!\r\n\r\nFinally, at the end of June three lucky players will have all of their\r\nwater, gas and electricity bills paid by Bingo Fabulous – simply by being\r\nlucky enough to find the right patten on their cards. Congrats go to\r\n”lanza05″, “marypatxxx” and “lenny100” who won it last month – will you join\r\n\r\nthem this June?\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Bingo Fabulous

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