Mix Things Up – Bingo Game Variations

Bingo would get boring right quick if you were forced to play the same game over and over again. Luckily, Bingo sites offer a wide variety of games to keep things interesting and to offer players multiple ways to win.

Learn about the different Bingo game variations that you’ll find on Bingo sites, how to find these games and about which games are best for you.

Bingo Variations

30-Ball – This game is played with 30 balls on a 3×3 grid card. To win this game you must match all nine numbers.

75-Ball – Played with 75 balls, each player get a 5×5 grid with the center square acting as a wild card. To win you must match the specified “5-in-a-row” pattern.

80-Ball – This game uses 80 balls and a 4×4 grid. Each column is a different colour – red, yellow, blue and silver. To win, you must match the specified pattern

 90Ball – This game uses 90 balls and has a 3×9 board. However, only 15 numbers are used out of those 27 squares and there are no wild cards. There are three winners in these games. The first prize goes to the first completed horizontal line, the second to the player filling in two of the lines and the last prize to someone who fills in all lines, aka a “Full House.”

Special Rooms – These games are themed Bingo games that also have special formats and prizes. A few special Bingo rooms you will find include:

  • Britain’s Got Talent at MeccaBingo
  • House Party at Bingo4Her
  • Tiki Bingo at JackpotJoy

Progressive Jackpot Bingo – These games have a massive jackpot prize that grows each time a game is not won. Prizes for the eventual winners in these games can be massive.

Chat Games – These are games run in chat rooms by Chat Monitors. These games range from trivia games to number guessing games and more. Winning players receive prizes such as “Bingo Bucks” or similar.

Tournaments – Bingo tournaments are games where players pay a single entry fee rather than purchasing cards. Rather than one to three winners as in many Bingo games, these events pay prizes to a set number of top participants. These games also take much longer to complete than standard Bingo games.

Bingo Schedule

Not sure when your favourite game is scheduled? No worries! Bingo sites offer a full Bingo schedule that lets you know when games are running. These are perfect for finding your favourite game or any special games being offered at the site.

These schedules list upcoming games and include all pertinent information such as game type, buy-in, available prizes, room or game name and the time they will launch. You can usually click on a quick-launch button in the schedule to go directly to that game.

Which Bingo Game is for Me?

Every player is different, so determining which games you should play is all part of personal preference. If you want quick running games, then you will want to stick to smaller board games such as 30 and 75-ball games.

If you want larger prize pools, then you will want to consider playing 90-ball games and bingo tournaments. Those wanting massive prizes or life-changing money will want to give progressive jackpots a try. Those looking to try something fun and unique should give special Bingo rooms a try.

There’s something for everyone on Bingo sites. If you’re still not sure, just give a few different games a try to see which one you enjoy the most.

Free Games

Many Bingo sites offer free Bingo games, meaning you can play games without paying an entry fee. Some of these games are only available to new players while others are only available to those that are regular players.

The major advantage to playing these free Bingo games is that you get a chance to win real money or other prizes with no financial risk. It’s also a great reward for those that are loyal to a Bingo site.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Bingo sites offer a wide array of games to keep things fun and to offer you more ways to win more. Whether you play for fun or are looking for a way to grow your Bingo bankroll, you’ll find plenty of Bingo variations to suit your style of play.

Don’t forget to check out the Bingo schedule for a list of upcoming games. That way you’ll never miss out on your favourite game. Check out the different games your favourite site has to offer. You may just find your next favourite game or an opportunity to score that next big win.