Bingo Lingo

If you’re new to Bingo or just used to playing Bingo in a live setting, then some of the lingo you’ll hear online may be a bit confusing. When playing online, you’ll hear the following two types of lingo:

  • Bingo Calls – In 90-ball Bingo games, callers will attach fun nicknames to each number. Every ball in the game has its own special nickname.
  • Bingo chat room lingo – When playing online Bingo games, players often pass the time by chatting with each other. They use a common group of acronyms to save time and speed up chatting

If all this sounds a bit daunting, don’t worry! On this page, you’ll learn all the different Bingo calls and chat room lingo so you can start playing online Bingo like an experienced regular.

Bingo Calls

In UK Bingo games, ball callers came up with a group of nicknames for all 90 balls. These nicknames were devised as a way to liven up the game and make it more fun for players. Over time, these nicknames grew in popularity and are a common part of the game.

Below is a list of the common nicknames given to each ball in a 90-ball game. Note that some balls have more than one common nickname. We’ve included the most widely accepted nicknames plus a few common variants when applicable.

1: Kelly’s Eye
2: One Little Duck
3: Cup of Tea
4: Knock at the Door
5: Man Alive
6: Tom Mix or Half a dozen
7: Lucky
8: Garden Gate
9: Doctor’s Orders
10: (David’s) Den
11: Legs
12: One Dozen
13: Unlucky for Some or Baker’s Dozen
14: Valentines Day
15: Young and Keen
16: She’s Lovely
17: Dancing Queen
18: Coming of Age
19: Goodbye Teens
20: One Score
21: Key of the Door
22: Dinky Doo
23: Thee and Me
24: Did you Score?
25: Duck and Dive
26: Pick and Mix
27: Gateway to Heaven
28: Overweight
29: Rise and Shine
30: Your Face is Dirty
31: Get Up and Run
32: Buckle my Shoe
33: Sherwood Forrest, All the Threes, Dirty knees, Two Little Fleas or All the feathers
34: Ask for More
35: Jump and Jive
36: Three Dozen
37: A Flea in Heaven
38: Christmas Cake
39: Those Famous Steps, Steps or Jack Benny
40: Life Begins at.., Two score, Blind 40 or Mary
41: Life’s Begun or Time for Fun
42: The Famous Street in Manhattan
43: Down on Your Knees
44: Droopy drawers, Aldershot Ladies or All the Fours
45: Halfway There, Halfway House and Cowboy’s Friend
46: Up to Tricks
47: Four and Seven
48: Four Dozen
49: PC, Rise and Shine or Nick Nick
50: Bulls Eye, Half a Century, Snow White’s Number, Hawaii Five-O ,Hawaii
51: Tweak of the Thumb, I Love my Mum and The Highland Div(ision)
52: The Lowland Div
53: Here Comes Herbie, Stuck in the Tree or The Welsh Division
54: Clean the Floor or House with a Bamboo Door
55: All the Fives, Snakes Alive, Give Us Fives and Double Nickels
56: Shotts Bus
57: Heinz Varieties and All the Beans
58: Choo Choo Thomas or Make Them Wait
59: Brighton Line
60: Five Dozen or Grandma’s Getting Frisky
61: Baker’s Bun
62: Tickety Boo or Turn on the Screw
63: Tickle Me
64: The Beatles Number or Red Raw
65: Stop Work or Old Age Pension
66: Clickety Click or All the Sixes
67: Made in Heaven or The Argumentative Number
68: Check Your Weight or Saving Grace
69: Your Place or Mine?
70: Blind Seventy or Three Score and Ten
71: Lucky One or Bang on the Drum
72: Danny La Rue or Par for the Course
73: Crutch and a Flea, Under the Tree, Queen B or Lucky Three
74: Candy Store or Grandmamma of Bingo
75: Strive and Strive, Granddaddy of Bingo or Big Daddy
76: Was She Worth It? or Trombones
77: All the Sevens, Two Little Crutches or Sunset Strip
78: Heaven’s Gate or Lucky Eight
79: One More Time
80: Gandhi’s Breakfast
81: Stop and run, Fat lady and a Little Wee or Corner Shot
82: Straight on Through or Fat Lady With a Duck
83: Time for Tea, Ethel’s Ear or Stop Farting
84: Seven Dozens
85: Staying Alive
86: Between the Sticks
87: Torquay in Devon, Fat lady with a Crutch or Fat lady with a Cane
88: Two Fat Ladies or Connaught Rangers
89: Nearly There, All But One or Almost There
90: Top of the Shop, As Far As We Go and End of the Line

Bingo Chat Lingo

The first time you jump into an online Bingo chat room, you’ll notice a lot of acronyms such as GL, BBL, GTSY, and others. These acronyms are used as a way to save time by speeding up the chat process. If you’ve ever used any type of online chat such as Skype or Facebook Messenger, then you may be familiar with some of them. Others are less common or specifically used on in the Bingo world.

This lingo may seem a bit daunting, but as with Bingo Calls, we also have a list of the most commonly used terms in chat:

1TG: One number to go
2TG: Two numbers to go
3TG: Three numbers to go
ATB: All the best
B4: Before
BBL: Be back later
BBS: Be back soon
BFN: Bye for now
BLNT: Better luck next time
BOL: Best of luck
BRB: Be right back
CBS: Come back soon
CYA: See ya
EG: Evil grin
G4U: Good for you
GAL: Get a life
GG: Good going or good game
GJ: Good job
GL: Good luck
GLA: Good luck all
GLE: Good luck everyone
GM: Good morning
GN: Good night
G2BB: Great to be back
G2CU: Glad to see you
GTSY: Good to see you
HB: Hurry back
HAGN: Have a good night
IDK: I dont know
IC: I see
IMHO: In my honest opinion
IRL: In real life
JK: Just kidding
JMO: Just my opinion
JTLYK: Just to let you know
KIT: Keep in touch
L8R: Later
L8R G8R: Later gator
LMAO: Laughing my @$$ off
LOL: Laughing out loud
LOFTING: Talking in private chat
LTNS: Long time no see
N2BB: Nice to be back
NP: No problem
NT: Nice try
OIC: Oh, I see
OMG: Oh my God
PM: Private message
POOF: I have left the chat
PPL: People
QSL: Replay
QSO: Conversation
QT: Cutie
ROFL: Rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO: Rolling on floor laughing my @$$ off
SRY: Sorry
TC: Take care
TGIF: Thank god its friday
TTYL: Talk to you later
TY: Thank you
TYVM: Thank you very much
U2: You too
VIP: Very important person
WB: Welcome back
WD: Well done
WTG: Way to go
YVW: You’re very welcome
YW: You’re welcome

Please note that if there is an acronym that you just don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification in chat. There’s always someone willing to help as we’ve all been newbies at some point.

Bingo Chat in Action

Just so you can get a feel for how to use chat, here are a few quick examples of players interacting in a Bingo chat room.

BigBaller: Hi all
JoeWinzLotz: WB
BigBaller: G2BB
JoeWinzLotz: GLA
BigBaller: U2

GrnyBngo: GM
GrnyBngo: I know – work. TGIF
GrnyBngo: TYVM N2BB

Please note that during the games, you won’t see much active chatting from those actually playing, so if someone isn’t responding right away, they are probably in an active game.

Don’t Be Scared to Try it Out Yourself!

Some of you may find these lists a bit daunting and are thinking twice about trying online Bingo. Don’t worry! Everyone that has played online Bingo has been where you’re at. The best thing to do is to jump into the game and start using the lingo yourself.

One great thing about online Bingo is that you can keep up a separate screen or tab and refer to this list whenever you’re not sure of something. That’s what most players do when they start. After a short time, you’ll find yourself easily using this lingo and fitting in like everyone else.

Also, every player has been in your spot and are welcoming of new players. The more players, the merrier, and the more money available to be won. So go ahead and jump into the game and start using the above lingo. It will help make the game more fun and you may make a few new friends in the process.