Centenary Club at Champagne Bingo

Champagne Bingo\r\nAt Champagne Bingo there are plenty of chances to win this November. Every weekend is packed with big money games, including the huge £1,000,000 Coverall Game which takes place on Friday at 10pm and Saturday at 9.30pm. Tickets can be pre bought to ensure you don’t miss out on the big game. As well as that a £5,000 coverall runs on both Saturday and Sunday at 10pm.\r\n\r\nAlso at the weekend, Chat Moderators are hosting many popular chat games including Upstairs Buddy, High 5 and many more. Chat games continue on Mondays and between 4 – 6pm its happy hour in the rooms, with chat game winners being awarded double loyalty points during happy hour.\r\n\r\nAs part of the 7/11 promotion Champagne bingo has 5 rooms running 90 ball pre buys every day starting at half past 7 in the evening. Players can purchase up to 48 tickets for each game and each ticket costs just £10p! The jackpot is a guaranteed £50 so it’s a no brainer really. \r\n\r\nEvery Day throughout November the Centenary Club takes place at 8.45pm. This game has a guaranteed daily jackpot of £100 and players can pre buy advance tickets to make sure they don’t miss out on the action.\r\n\r\nAlso this month #BingoBud# bonuses continue, so watch out for him in the rooms. #BingoBud# will visit the bingo rooms between Monday and Thursday each week and will be giving away £100 of mystery prizes and loyalty points to lucky players every day.\r\n\r\nBig winners in October included ‘All- Or- Nothing’ who won the Team Bingo top spot and shared 1,000,000 points in prizes. Bingo Pays you Bills was won by jennifer32 who had her gas bill paid, michellek who had their water bill paid and Markw09 who had their electricity bill paid. This promotion continues this month so watch out for the utilities patters for your chance to win.\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Champagne Bingo

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