Champagne Bingo

Champagne Bingo is a very popular website, designed to give its members the\r\nchance to win fantastic prizes of different shapes and sizes through playing\r\nthe games that they have to offer. Members need only to complete a\r\nmembership form and create an account with the website in order to be\r\nentitled to some of the excellent bonuses that are immediately offered to\r\nthem through the website. There is a wide variety of different games\r\navailable to the members of Champagne Bingo, from the basic 75 ball and 90\r\nball bingo games to the slot machines and other casino-type games.\r\n\r\nOnce you have registered as a member of Champagne Bingo, you can start\r\nplaying free bingo immediately in a special 90 ball bingo room with no deposit required.\r\n\r\n200% Bonus\r\n\r\nUpon making your first deposit to your Champagne Bingo account – something\r\nyou have to do in order to play in many of the games – your account will be\r\ncredited with a 200% first deposit bonus – a generous welcome gift from the website.\r\nThese first deposits can be anywhere between £10 and £100, and they will\r\nallow you to receive this free bonus.\r\n\r\n50% Reload Bonus\r\n\r\nAfter you have made your initial deposit and received your200% bonus, all\r\nof your subsequent deposits of  £20 or more will then entitle you to a 50% bonus, while £10 is worth a 25% bonus.\r\n\r\n£1 Million Jackpot\r\n\r\nEvery Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, Champagne Bingo offers a schedule of games that\r\nequate to the total of £1 million in prize funds. These sliding jackpot games games are open to\r\nall depositing players and offer a generous guaranteed lowest jackpot prize.\r\n\r\nLoyalty Points\r\n\r\nLike the majority of bingo websites, Champagne Bingo runs a very successful\r\nloyalty points system. These points are earned in a variety of different\r\nways, such as referring a friend. For each card you purchase and each game\r\nyou play, you will earn a certain number of loyalty points. These points can\r\nnot only be used to play games on the website, but they also carry a cash\r\nvalue. At Champagne Bingo, 1,000 loyalty leads to £1 being added to your\r\naccount.\r\n\r\n 

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