Cheeky Bingo fun for October

Cheeky Bingo\r\nCheeky Bingo is a fun and highly entertaining provider of online bingo and related games. Unlike so many other sites of its kind, Cheeky Bingo does not always feature a major monthly promotion. However, the site does provide a number of specials, many of which are operated on a daily, weekly or ongoing basis. Furthermore, monthly promotions will appear every so often on Cheeky Bingo, so while there may not be one underway for October at this present time, players are advised to keep checking the Cheeky Bingo website for more up-to-date information.\r\n\r\nIndeed, despite the lack of a current monthly promotion, Cheeky Bingo does pay out relatively huge sums to customers on a daily basis. In fact, at the time of writing this review, the site published that it had paid out some £193,854.37 to customers during the previous day alone. This is a massive sum of money and recent winners big winners include kellyparkes18, who scooped £5,466.01, TRINKAFIVE, who won £4,969.20, MrsGunnerd76 and susan1955, who bagged truly enormous winnings of £21,552.51! Several other players have also won more than £5,000 during yesterday’s play along, including kaysie and deedee66. In short, there are plenty of opportunities to win huge cash prizes at Cheeky Bingo.\r\n\r\nAside from traditional ongoing bonuses such as the £20 free first time deposit bonus for new members and the Refer a Friend scheme, which rewards those who attract other players to the site with 5,000 Cheeky Points that can be used to purchase bingo cards, the site offers several other special promotions. Such offers include the £5,000 guaranteed jackpot pre-buy special, which pays out £5K to one lucky winner each week and runs at 8pm every Friday. The £50 guaranteed jackpot pre-buy 1p & 2p specials are other top promotions on offer at Cheeky Bingo this month, while there are also progressive jackpots available in all 5p & 10p open rooms. Finally, the Cheeky Chest and Cheeky Dip promotions are in operation each week and provide players with the chance to win bucket loads of Cheeky Points.C\r\n\r\nClick here to visit

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