Cheeky Bingo June bingo news

\r\n\r\nSign up for Cheeky Bingo free today and within minutes you’ll be enjoying\r\nbingo with the U.K’s most exciting bingo outlet, playing in one of the aptly\r\nnamed ‘Cheeky’ rooms. With four free bingo rooms as well as a host of other\r\nenticing pre-paid rooms, coupled with a wealth of regularly updated offers,\r\nnow is a better time than any other to sign up for Cheeky Bingo.\r\n\r\nIf you refer a friend, as soon as they’ve wagered as little as £5 you will\r\nreceive 5000 immediately available Cheeky Points. Further, if you deposit\r\n£10, Cheeky Bingo will match this first deposit with another £10, offering\r\nyou a starting stake of £20!\r\n\r\nCheeky run a host of constantly updated 5p and 10p, offering you the chance\r\nto win big for as little investment as possible. The site’s latest offers\r\ninvolve a 10p buy-in for the ‘Naughty but Nice’ room where each prize totals\r\n£29. The ‘Cash Crazy’ draw, meanwhile, runs around the clock and offers you\r\nthe chance of £5000 jackpots for only a 50p buy-in.\r\n\r\nCheeky run a 90 ball progressive jackpot, which means that if you win full\r\nhouse bingo in 44 balls or less you will scoop a big prize. The draw runs\r\nevery Friday at 8pm sharp and features a guaranteed jackpot of £5000 every\r\nweek.\r\n\r\nOne of the most exciting offers currently running is the ‘Cheeky Dip’ which\r\nruns every Thursday between 8 and 10pm. If you get bingo you can select any\r\nnumber between 1 and 75 – revealing one of any number of fantastic but\r\nsecret prizes. Excitingly, Saturday night is party night as far as Cheeky\r\nBingo are concerned, and the site has a wealth of points to give away before\r\n10pm every Saturday.\r\n\r\nDiscover your cheeky side and browse the site’s naughty but nice rooms and\r\nlatest offers at

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