Cheeky Bingo offers in March

Cheeky Bingo\r\nCheeky Bingo is a fun and exciting website that is fast becoming one of the most popular providers of online bingo and related games in the UK. Having established a relatively large and friendly community of players, Cheeky Bingo is able to provide large cash jackpots, guaranteed prize money, bonuses and various promotions in addition to its superb selection of games, which include: 75 ball bingo; 90 ball bingo; slots; super slots; table games; and instant win games. In short, there are plenty of opportunities for players to win top cash and goods prizes at Cheeky Bingo, which is presumably why its popularity is growing.\r\n\r\nAt the time of writing this review, Cheeky Bingo claimed to have paid out over £319,000 in prize money on the previous day. This staggering figure was shared fairly evenly among the most lucky of Cheeky Bingo members; indeed, Cheeky Bingo published a list of its previous day’s biggest winners and the top ten had all won several thousands of pounds or more each. The list comprised: jackie1930 (£3,439.13); louistwo (£3,504.76); samantha07 (£3,601.80); disy301 (£4,074.58); KATIERAFF (£4,204.60); catriona123 (£4,213.97); nasri8 (£4,704.75); Cjasper2003 (£4,741.65); pa56 (£7,230.46); and mummyrachel, who scooped a massive £7,828.03. In regard to bingo only winners, kakaharr won a superb £2,500 and daveyp1983 won an equally substantial £1,500, which proves that not all of Cheeky Bingo’s top winners are generated by table or instant play games. \r\n\r\nCheeky Bingo has not updated its website with any news on promotions that are specific to the month of March; however, players are advised to keep checking the site for more information. Although Cheeky Bingo does produce monthly promotions every so often, its main specials consist almost entirely of ongoing bonuses and competitions. Cheeky Bingo offers its members 10 per cent cashback on instant games every Monday and supports a £5,000 guaranteed jackpot pre-buy special every Friday at 8pm. There are also a number of other progressive jackpots, Cheeky Points bonus schemes and pre-buy specials for Cheeky Bingo members to avail of on a regular basis.\r\n\r\nClick here to visit

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