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Cheggers Bingo\r\nCheggers Bingo is one of the UK’s favourite providers of online bingo and related games. The vibrantly colourful website of Cheggers Bingo has managed to attract a relatively large and friendly community of players, who regularly enjoy its numerous games, ongoing promotions and occasional specials. Cheggers Bingo players also have plenty of opportunities to win top cash prizes on the site by participating in its many promotions and games, which comprise slots, scratchcards, progressive jackpots, casino games and arcade games in addition to the traditional 75 ball and 90 ball bingo offerings.\r\n\r\nAt the time of writing this review, Cheggers Bingo had published a list of its latest winners, biggest monthly winners and all star winners. In respect to the site’s most recent winners, mrsbirtles headed the field with a superb £2,500 win on the popular Grow Me the Money game. Another player to win £2,500 was cheeckysybsy, who found success whilst playing the miniscratch_chocobox game. Other latest winners included: mbbabybanks (£1,000); east880 (£833); wildeyl0101 (£800); cheekymonkee (£760); louth_cnd (£508); skoof21 (£480); meccaisgood (£367); holliepearl (£382); malcybobs (£365); witchipoo (£362); Voguelaura (£323); and donnagow (£275). \r\n\r\nSeveral players – including louth_cnd, cheekymonkee and holliepearl – appeared at least twice on Cheggers Bingo’s latest winners list. In regard to the biggest monthly winners at Cheggers Bingo, the charmed louth_cnd continued to prevail over all others with a massive total of £18,321.76! Second and third places were occupied by elnwll192907 and ZZZtiredZZZ respectively, who each won a cool £9,980. Cheggers Bingo’s all star winner is currently annie1951x, who has won an amazing £92,740.62.\r\n\r\nIn regard to the latest promotions at Cheggers Bingo, the site has updated its list of ongoing specials to include the ‘Greater Prize Night Thursday’ promotion. Running every Thursday night between 9pm and 10pm, Cheggers Bingo players can compete for up to £2,000 in guaranteed prize money. Cheggers Bingo is also continuing with its ongoing ‘1p Play Twice a Month’ special, which takes place on selected Wednesdays throughout March and April this year and allows Cheggers Bingo members to play bingo for just 1p a game.\r\n\r\n Click here to visit Cheggers Bingo

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