Daily Mail Coffee Break Bingo promotions for July

Bingo\r\nIt says something of the enduring popularity of bingo that the popular newspaper the Daily Mail has dipped its toe into the gaming waters! The internet revolutionised the world in almost every sense, and bingo and gaming as a whole was not immune from this. Almost every other large bingo company took itself online, and the idea of bingo on the internet became commonplace.\r\n\r\nTo return to the beginning then, we come to The Daily Mail’s Coffee Break Bingo, which is an offshoot of the Coffee Break fun section of the newspaper, and is linked to the Mail’s website itself. Like many sites it offers a number of bingo rooms alongside other, free games that you can merely use to, well, while away your coffee break!\r\n\r\nThere are some great offers on the site though, foremost among them being the 1p play every Wednesday. In this promotion, the semi-alliteratively named Massive Bingo Bargain Day, every card on a Wednesday in their bingo rooms costs just the one pence. In this you could stand to win good cash prizes, and it is unique in that even if you can’t actively take place in the game, you can pre-book your tickets and check back to see if you’ve won later on! And be assured the prizes are impressive, with one recent winner netting a £23,000 jackpot off one of the bingo games.\r\n\r\nThis is to say nothing of the extra offers and prizes that the site offers, which includes a loyalty bonus and the doubling of any of your deposits should you meet certain conditions. Fun underpins the whole ethos of the site, and by adding in the fact you can earn big money they make it even more fun!\r\n\r\nSo, if you are a Daily Mail reader, or even if you’re not, if you want to while some time away and possibly bag yourself a jackpot, play some bingo in one of the Daily Mail Coffee Break bingo rooms. Click here to visit Daily Mail Bingo

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