Earn entries to the exclusive £10k Golden Game at Littlewoods Bingo!

Littlewoods Bingo\r\nAt the end of July Littlewoods Bingo is hosting an exclusive £10k game, which it has dubbed the ‘£10k Golden Game’.\r\n\r\nEntries into this exclusive game are free, but you have to earn your ticket to be in with a chance of winning a big cash prize come 30th July! So what do you have to do to earn your entry? Well for every £100 that you deposit before 26th July you get 40 Golden Game tickets.\r\n\r\nThey don’t have to be single £100 deposits either – cumulative deposits up to £100 between 1-26th July will still get you 40 free entry tickets into the Golden Game final. So what this means is the more that you deposit, the more entries you get and the more chance of winning a share of the golden cash prize.\r\n\r\nEach ticket you receive will have a unique sequence of three randomly drawn numbers. To win, your numbers need to be drawn out in the order that they appear on your ticket.\r\n\r\nThe Golden Games take place at 9pm in the Bingo Lounge on 30th July, when entries will be checked over for winning sequences until all 14 prizes have been won. There is a first prize of £5,000 with another £2,500 for second place, £1,000 for 3rd place, 4th place receives £500 and there are a further 10 prizes of £100!\r\n\r\nTickets for the Golden Game are completely free but only the Golden Game number holders can claim any of the cash prizes! Littlewoods Bingo will be mailing qualifying players their free entry tickets from 27th July so remember to check your inbox for what could be a life changing sequence of numbers!\r\n\r\nIt’s also worth remembering that for every £1that you deposit and play at Littlewoods Bingo before 15th August is worth one entry into their massive competition to win a 5* star holiday. That’s huge cash prizes and a stunning holiday all up for grabs just by playing for cash at Littlewoods Bingo in July. Click here to visit Littlewoods Bingo

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