Everyone will share in £23,000 Sun Bingo giveaway

It seems that these days online bingo players are getting used to being a winner every time they play. This means that bingo sites need to come up with bigger and better ways of showing that they are the site to choose and that they will ensure that players get that winning feeling more often.\r\n\r\nMany bingo sites choose a mechanism whereby a small prize is given away every day, such as the Mecca Bingo Everyone’s a Winner campaign (due to start again shortly by the way) and of course Foxy Bingo has been running such giveaways on and off for a couple of years now. Bingo bonus and 25p or 50p prizes are the norm for these, with a couple of dozen big prizes of £100 or tangible prizes thrown into the mix for good measure.\r\n\r\nRecently big bingo games with big prizes have been launched where no-one walks away empty handed. Foxy Bingo was the first with its Maximum Bingo offer, but now Sun Bingo has come up with its own version. The Win Win Bingo game will play at 8.45pm on 25th September and players can start buying the £1 tickets now, although purchasing 6 tickets can be had for a discount rate of £5.\r\n

Sun Bingo

\r\nThe Win Win Bingo prize pot is £23,000. The one line prize is £1,000, the two line prize is £2,000 and the full house winner will collect £10,000. The other £10,000 left in the prize pot will be shared by every single player with a ticket in the game who did not win one of the other prizes.\r\n\r\nOn a separate note, be sure to buy a Sun newspaper on Saturday 17th August and look for the special code in the TV magazine that comes with it. Visit Sun Bingo with that code for the chance to share a huge £500,000 giveaway.

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