Foxy Bingo features fun footy antidotes

foxyThey say that it is not possible to turn on the TV these days without seeing an advert for online bingo. Right now you won’t be able to turn it on without seeing something football related.\r\n\r\nThe World Cup extravaganza starts tomorrow and its going to be a month of wall to wall football at every turn. At Foxy Bingo, while they have given their next few events a football themed name, everyone will be very happy to learn that the prizes consist of good old cash, with not a football in sight.\r\n\r\nTo be able to take part why not take advantage of the fact that Foxy Bingo is currently offering new players a free £5 no deposit bonus, plus a 300% first deposit bonus. Then the fun really kicks off with Foxy.\r\n\r\nTonight, just as the excitement all around and probably all over the TV starts building to fever pitch players at Foxy Bingo will be justified in being equally excited, but for a totally different reason. This is because tonight there is a £10,000 Five-A-Side game at the site. For 99p a ticket there is a £10,000 guaranteed prize pot on offer in this 75 ball bingo game. This is not a pattern game, however, but a five line bingo game and each line will have a £2,000 waiting to be won. This game kicks off at 9.30pm.\r\n\r\nThat’s a great way to distract people from the start of the football, but right at the other end there is something for everyone to look forward to again. Maximum Bingo has proved a popular feature at Foxy Bingo as no-one loses – or the maximum number of people possible win a prize.\r\n\r\nOn Sunday 13th July at 9.30pm Foxy Bingo is running its latest Maximum Bingo giveaway and it features a total prize allocation of £25,000. This is a 90 ball bingo game with £8,000 on offer for the full house, £3000 for two lines and £2,000 for the line. To make the winning go further there is £1,000 each for the 1tg and 2tg players and then another £10,000 which will be shared between everyone with losing tickets in the game.

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