Foxy Bingo February offers

Foxy Bingo\r\nFoxy Bingo is a superb site on which to enjoy bingo and various side games. Having attracted a large community of players off the back of an extensive advertising campaign, Foxy Bingo’s myriad qualities have ensured that its members remain loyal to the site. Also, in addition to a large selection of top games, Foxy Bingo regularly offers monthly, daily and ongoing promotions that help to ensure many of its members win top prizes.\r\n\r\nAt the time of writing this review, the site’s most recent winners (who participated in bingo and side games) comprised: carmen59 (£50), mollw (£50), pinkymiss (£50), emilysmum16 (£50) and kiwisammy, who scooped a more than respectable sum of £347.12! In respect to the winners of Foxy Bingo’s latest promotions, the start of February saw a number of pre-purchase prizes snapped up by a selection of lucky players. On the 2nd February, becksx285 won £1,500, moomoo5000 won £750 and petal832 scooped £250. On the 3rd February, fixxy16 won a digital camera, pupsgecki won a Nintendo Dsi and lynnepho won a superb Wii games console with Sports Resort. The top winner on the 4th February was pyackasmum, who scooped a massive £3,000, whilst ladyluck19 won £6,000 the next day. Other notable Foxy Bingo winners at the start of February included lobbylobster (£1,500), alwaystired (£1,500), bransholme01 (£3,000), Donz999 (camera), mem4nc (19″ LCD television) and rackers (32″ LCD television).\r\n\r\nFoxy Bingo will also host a special promotion in February to mark Valentine’s Day, which can often prove to be an expensive occasion. The “Foxy’s 4 Day Love Fest” special is, as the name suggests, a promotion that is stretch across a four day period between Thursday 11th and Sunday 14th February. On Thursday 11th, Friday 12th and Saturday 13th February, Foxy Bingo players can enjoy a 100 per cent bonus on all deposits of £10 or more. On Saturday 14th February, which just so happens to be Valentine’s Day, Foxy Bingo will offer a whopping 140 per cent deposit bonus. As if that was not enough, Foxy Bingo will also provide more than £2,000 in Hidden Heart Jackpots (up to £250 per jackpot) that are to be won each day.\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Foxy Bingo

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