Foxy Bingo in November

Foxy Bingo\r\nFoxy Bingo has over 40 rooms where you can play, but what sets Foxy Bingo apart is the community of these chat rooms. Players can upload a profile, which allows you to access features and know a bit more about the people you are playing alongside. When you submit your profile you also earn £5 cash back. With such a friendly atmosphere you can play and potentially earn big; 19claire147 won £6000!\r\nWhilst in the chatroom you can earn bingo points, be sure to ask the chat host so you don’t want miss out as Foxy Bingo gives millions of these away each month! Bingo points can be exchanged for bingo cards. You also earn Bingo Points every time you buy additional cards. You won’t want to keep this great website to yourself and will want to get your friends involved, especially as with every friend you refer that goes on to deposit and wager £5 you will receive 5000 Bingo points! \r\nIn addition to bingo there are also slots and other casino games as well as instant wins and great games such as Wheel of Fortune and Cluedo. These give cash back bonuses and great prizes such as televisions and other electrical goods. There are also great competitions, at the moment you could win 30 driving lessons. \r\nWith so much going on, you may want to consider the membership scheme which gives you even better deals. When you have spent £50 you will get a 50% match bonus with every future deposit as well as free games. You will get also receive a birthday bonus of 75%, a real reason to celebrate! \r\nIn addition to all this, be sure to listen to Foxy Radio on Tuesdays and Thursday from 8pm as £100 is given away every 10 minutes; with all these chances to win you have to visit Foxy Bingo!\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Foxy Bingo

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