Foxy Bingo name Mum of the Year winner 2014

FoxyMumsmallOn Mother’s Day Foxy Bingo announced the winner of its annual Mum of the Year Award as Elizabeth Ann Ashcroft (known as Ann) who lives in Cheshire.\r\n\r\nAnn, 64, is a mum of two and has seven grandchildren, but she also has a huge extended family thanks to her being a foster mum to many other children, many of whom come from troubled backgrounds. They are is safe and kind hands when they come to Ann according to daughter Andrea who nominated her mum for the Foxy Bingo award.\r\n\r\nThe fact that she puts the time and effort into being there for these children is all the more remarkable as Ann suffers from chronic arthritis affecting her lower back that can affect her mobility and leaves her in a lot of pain most of the time.\r\n\r\nFoxy Bingo received thousands of nominations, but Andrea’s submission on behalf of her wonderful mum stood out from the rest. Andrea said: “She is the greatest mum in the world and an inspiration to those who have ever been lucky to meet this wonderful lady. She has helped, loved and cared for me and so many more people besides. No-one deserves a holiday more than her, as she dedicates her life to others. It’s time she was treated.”\r\n\r\nThose treats were provided by Foxy Bingo recently when winner Ann and her daughter Andrea were whisked off to London to be pampered and enjoy a makeover before appearing on Foxy TV with presenter James Green. In the next few weeks Ann and her family will fly off on a luxury holiday, also courtesy of Foxy Bingo.\r\n\r\nAnn said of her win: “What an honour it is to be named Foxy’s Mum of the Year! I was so touched when I got the call to say Andrea had nominated me – it was a very emotional moment. There are mums all over the country doing what I do, and working just as hard, so it’s great that Foxy is recognising us mums in this way! I’ve had such a great day here in London and can’t wait to get back home to Cheshire to tell the rest of the family about my experience – not to mention, book that holiday!”\r\n\r\nThe reasons for running a competition of this kind are twofold and include benefits for both brand and customer.\r\n\r\nGrace McMillan, Section Head Community Relations – Games, said: “Each year, Foxy Bingo recognises and honours the nation’s matriarchs, thanking mums across the country for all they do for us. The annual competition sees thousands of entries from doting dads, daughters, sons and extended relatives up and down the country – all nominating the women they feel deserve a real Mother’s Day treat.\r\n\r\n”This is part of an extensive programme of community-based activities where we engage with our players. Foxy Mum of the Year is the cornerstone of that activity, and our campaign to find a deserving real mum has helped to build our community heritage – appealing to our players, the wider public and driving brand engagement.”

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