Foxy Bingo offers in March

Foxy Bingo\r\nFoxy Bingo is without doubt one of the leading providers of online bingo and related games in the UK. Serving a vast community of members, Foxy Bingo has managed to attract players to its site through several popular television advertisements; crucially, Foxy Bingo has been able to retain the majority of these members to help build a warm and friendly playing environment that is every bit as entertaining as it can be profitable for those who know their way around a bingo room; indeed, Foxy Bingo produces scores of winners on its site every day.\r\n\r\nAt the time of writing this review, Foxy Bingo had published a list of its latest winners. The list comprised a handful of players who had won top cash and goods prizes throughout the first nine days of March. Winning Foxy Bingo members who made it on to the list included: admintart (£300); hunnyhelen (£300); muywapachica (£300); lizzielou2 (£750); pinkblobby1201 (£750); TLSMITH (£1,000); Juho (£1,500); and hillca1375 (£1,500). Even bigger winners included pelizzoni, 19claire147 and nesnes, who each won £3,000, while teardrop74 scooped the largest single cash prize in the first week of March with a win of £6,000! On Wednesday 3rd March, dosser1961 won a pencam, Shar0n won a Nintendo DSi with games and lacey1 won a superb laptop. Clearly, Foxy Bingo does not disappoint its members when it comes to dishing out the prizes.\r\n\r\nIn respect to the promotions available in March at Foxy Bingo, there are a number of ongoing specials to enjoy this month. Foxy Bingo’s current weekly promotions include the Night Owls Special, which features free and 1p games for two hours every Wednesday and Friday between 2am-3am and 5am-6am, Happy Hours (free and penny games every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday between 3pm-4pm and 10pm-11pm), Coffee Mornings (match the coffee mug pattern to win 5,000 additional bonus points every Monday and Wednesday between 10am-11am, Early Birds Special (5,000 bonus points for matching the bacon, fried egg or sausage patterns in 75 ball bingo rooms between 6am-8am every Tuesday and Thursday) and the Sunday Brunch Special, which is essentially a combination of the Coffee Mornings promotion and Early Birds Special but lasts throughout Sunday.\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Foxy Bingo

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