Foxy Bingo promotions for July

\r\nBingo has always been a perenially popular and entertaining game for people of all ages. Everyone from young children to grannies can play, and it must be this simplicity and accessibility that has served to make the game so popular. Having said that, bingo had to deal with the transition of a lot of gaming to the internet, but it is a change that it has handled well and even harnessed to make the game ever more popular.\r\n\r\nExtremely prominent in this market is Foxy Bingo, who many of you might have come into contact with during his comedic little slots between adverts on the Jeremy Kyle show. However, the charismatic fox of the adverts is only emblematic of the bright and fun gaming company he represents. With a lot of games on their website, Foxy Bingo are always looking to get people involved, and have many long-running deals going on, such as free money for playing games when you make your first deposit and loyalty bonuses on your account for long term players.\r\n\r\nEspecially for July however, Foxy Bingo have got their special Penny Price Crash back. This is where Foxy have slashed the prices of their cards to 1 solitary pence, with guaranteed prizes; that is, from 10am – 1pm there’s £10 guaranteed every 10 minutes, from 1.30pm – 8pm there’s £25 guaranteed every 10 minutes and finally from 8.30pm – 12am there’s £50 guaranteed every 10 minutes. Furthermore, in two further bingo rooms on the site, Foxy have slashed those prices down to the frankly preposterous 2p a card, with great cash prizes there to be won. These prices don’t come along every day, so take advantage of them whilst they’re still here.\r\n\r\nSo, if you’re after some cheap bingo fun this July, there’s only one place you should be heading to, and that is Foxy Bingo. Click here to visit Foxy Bingo

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