Funny Bingo TV Adverts Roundup

We have rounded up some hilarious bingo television adverts for your entertainment. Comment if you have seen any others you feel should be added to the roundup and we will gladly add these on. Or let us know which one you feel is the best on comedy value.

Above was the paddy power bingo tv advert. Have you ever wanted to play bingo only to find that your husband is in the way? Paddy Power clearly knows how you feel! This video involves a poor and tragic woman who just wants to play a game of bingo or two. So, Paddy Power, hearing about her heartfelt story, sends over their husband-removal team. Off the husband goes into a van filled with equally annoying husbands, bound and gagged.

Clearly, Paddy Power Bingo is so great that you need to be completely alone to fully enjoy it! We thought this was a pretty relatable advert—though we think they could do with doing a male equivalent, so the male bingo players out there won’t feel left out!

Mecca Bingo went down the route on why bother with subtlety? That seems to be Mecca Bingo’s motto at least! In the rush to get people to find out just how great Mecca is, they created this memorable 2013 advert. So when Mecca says big jackpots, they mean as big as an overgrown hair-do. And when they say hot promotions, they mean as hot as a shirtless fireman with glistening abs. You’ve got to love the simplicity of their marketing strategy!

Former Scary Spice Girl Mel B stars in the latest Costa Bingo £12 million UK TV advertising campaign. Watch as a giant Mel B walks through the streets of London scaring passers by before sitting on a building and playing at on a tablet device. The ad finishes with the tagline “Jackpots so big, its scary”. We weren’t quite sure what to make of Costa Bingo’s interesting advert. It features none other than our favourite ex-Spice Girl Mel B roaming around London as a giant. Apparently, it was meant to emphasise how massive Costa Bingo’s jackpots were. But if we’re being quite honest, we just got a bit of a Godzilla vibe…but maybe that’s just us? That being said, we’re huge fans of Mel B, which probably explains why this is one of our faves!

Sun Bingo website are another very popular site that have been running commercials on UK television channels for quite a number of years now, the only problem with those commercials is that they have an annoying song being sung in the background and as such they will eventually drive you mad when you keep on seeing and hearing them being played in between your favourite television shows. But some believe this to be a great marketing strategy as you remember the brand.

You will find lots of William Hill Bingo site adverts played on televisions for this leading betting company do have a very large advertising budget, in fact one or two of their advertisements have been banned from UK television, however those you will not find being played come with amusing themes and are also letting players know of the very latest free bingo bonuses on offer at this much respected UK online bingo site.

Let’s face it; bingo companies make the best television advertisements.

While we recognise that this may be a bold statement, it is also one that can be backed by hours of video footage and hilarious audio productions!

These adverts, many of which are characterised by impressive icons and colourful characters, have wowed viewers across the globe and helped to drive an increasingly young bingo audience. Building on the playfulness of the online bingo platform, these adverts have been central to the success of brands nationwide.

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