Funny Paddy Power Bingo TV ad now showing

If there is a bingo site out there that likes to entertain us with its TV advertising and attempts to steer clear of too many of the bingo cliches it is Paddy Power Bingo. They have succeeded yet again with its latest TV ad that highlights its ‘hubby removal service’.\r\n\r\nWe all know that it is mainly the ladies that like a good game of online bingo or ten and that it is nice to do it in peace and to be able to shout and scream at the screen if we so wish. No-one feels they can really get carried away and immersed in the game if the other half is in the house. This is where Paddy Power Bingo comes to the rescue.\r\n

\r\nIf anyone would like to get together with friends for a few games of bingo, or even if they want to play by themselves in peace, Paddy Power Bingo will send in the hubby removal squad. The will bind him up securely and extract him from his armchair with a special plunger and into the back of a handy van with lots of other extracted husbands.\r\n\r\nThis leaves the way clear for the ladies to play online bingo in peace. Maybe the next stage of the campaign could be for us to see where they take those husbands and maybe if they try to show them the fun to be had playing bingo online.\r\n\r\nThis Paddy Power Bingo TV ad is as much about letting everyone know that the site actively monitors its social media and that it has lots of its top games available as mobile bingo and slots games as it is about bragging about the brand and how it can help people play in peace.\r\n\r\n

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