Gala Bingo – July Offers and Bingo Promotions

\r\nBingo has to be one of the oldest pastimes around, something that is perenially and continually popular. With the advent of the internet, pretty much everything in the entire world moved on to the internet, and bingo was no different. Whereas you used to have to go out to have a little bit of bingo fun, now you can do it from the comfort of your own home or, if you’re particularly cheeky, in your office!\r\n\r\nOne of the bingo companies that took advantage of this online move was Gala Bingo. Gala Bingo are among the biggest bingo and gaming companies in Britain, with bingo halls all over the country. They maintain this competitiveness online too, with a wealth of offers that can help you earn yourself some brilliant prizes, with one in particular very apt for the moment.\r\n\r\nTo tie in with the scorching summer we in Britain are (sporadically!) enjoying, Gala are offering some brilliant prizes. These include picnic hampers and “5k Fridays”. On these 5k Fridays, Gala offer some brilliant prizes, including an amazing £100 for one line, £200 for two lines and £700 for a full house, all for a 10p ticket. This is obviously a great way to boost your summer coffers for anything you fancy getting up to in the sun. Furthermore, Gala also are giving away a large number of vouchers, which can give you money off days out in Britain at places such as theme parks, zoos and heritage sites like castles. So, with money and vouchers up for grabs, there is no better place to play bingo online.\r\n\r\nLastly, it is worth mention that Gala’s website is not just about bingo, and there are a huge number of other ways to win yourself some money and have some fun. There is a whole section dedicated to online games, and these include cool topics including Big Brother and Footballer’s Wives too. Click here to visit Gala Bingo

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