Game Village sale to lead to big changes

Popular online bingo site Game Village has changed hands in a surprise purchase by Angel Crest Holdings, founded by online bingo industry experts Ravi Raghav and Avaneesh Shivananda. Angel Crest now own outright the software platform, the licence and the rights to Game Village and associated sites in the UK and Europe.\r\n\r\nThe new owners have vast experience in the online bingo market, already having set up established bingo sites such as Sparkling Bingo and Bingo 3X, not to mention more recent new bingo sites such as RAPchic Bingo. They have made purchases across numerous bingo platforms and now own one of their own.\r\n\r\nAvaneesh Shivananda said: “We feel that GameVillage offers a very original player experience and the ultimate community solution. The software is original and gives us a competitive advantage in a growing sector”.\r\n\r\nCo-founder Ravi Raghav agrees, commenting, “We feel GameVillage is the perfect brand for our expansion in UK and for the new opportunities which come along with this acquisition.”\r\n\r\nLawrence Gouett and Juan Murillo, the previous owners of Game Village, have exited the pay to play market and are concentrating on the the North American market and its fondnes for social gaming. They are intending to make developments in that area with regard to the opportunities it creates for social interactivity, virtual gifting and virtual prizes.\r\n\r\nNew Game Village owners Shivananda and Raghav entered the online bingo market in 2007, the same year that Game Village first opened its doors. Both have grown into industry leaders in the intervening years. The intention is to grow the current bingo site and develop new bingo sites on the same platform meaning exciting times ahead for players.

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