Gone Bingo

Gone Bingo is a fast growing website that offers members the chance to win\r\nbig money prizes through a number of different gambling games and\r\ncompetitions. They offer a selection of bingo games of many sizes – 75 ball,\r\n80 ball and 90 ball – as well as a vast selection of arcade and casino\r\ngames, all of which are playable twenty-four hours a day. The majority of\r\nthese games come with different sized prizes, although there are also many\r\nthat offer you the chance to play for the enjoyment instead of the\r\ncompetition.\r\n\r\nAs soon as you log on to the Gone Bingo website, you are immediately made\r\naware of the types of offers that are available to you, either as an\r\nexisting member or as a potential new customer.\r\n\r\nDeposit Bonuses\r\n\r\nThere are a number of deposit bonuses that are available to both new and\r\nexisting members, all of which have different values.\r\n\r\n– Sign Up Bonus\r\nAs soon as you sign up to join Gone Bingo and make your first deposit, they\r\nwill instantly triple its value and deposit the amount directly into your\r\naccount. The 300% bonus is valid on your first three deposits into your Gone\r\nBingo account. This is one of many special introductory offers to new\r\nmembers of Gone Bingo.\r\n\r\n– Silver Member\r\nOnce you have become a member of Gone Bingo, you have the chance to upgrade\r\nyour membership level. This is achieved simply by playing the games that are\r\navailable to you. To become a Silver Member, you must achieve one\r\ncomplimentary point. Once have done this, you will be entitled to a 50%\r\nbonus on all of your subsequent deposits.\r\n\r\n– Gold Member\r\nTo become a Gold Member you must earn 1,000 complimentary points. This will\r\nentitle you to a 75% on all of your subsequent deposits.\r\n\r\n– Platinum Member\r\nPlatinum Members must earn 1,500 complimentary points, giving them a 100%\r\nfor every deposit they then make.\r\n\r\n– Diamond Member\r\nOnce members have earned over 3,000 complimentary points, they become a\r\nDiamond Member at Gone Bingo. This means that they will be given a bonus of\r\n125% every time they make a deposit.\r\n\r\n– Super VIP Member\r\nAs a reward for earning over 5,001 complimentary points, members will be\r\nupgraded to Super VIP status. This entitles them to a bonus of 150% for each\r\ndeposit.\r\n\r\nLucky Number\r\n\r\nFor every £20 that you deposit into your Gone Bingo account, you will be\r\ngiven the chance to select a lucky number. If you then go on to win a bingo\r\ngame on your lucky number, your winnings for that game will be doubled.\r\n\r\nSlot Machine Cash back\r\n\r\nAfter making a deposit and playing on any of the slot machines that are\r\navailable, you will receive 10% of however much you lose. This cash back\r\nwill be debited to your account on the very next day.\r\n\r\nLoyalty Points\r\n\r\nSimply by playing the games on Gone Bingo, you will earn a certain number of\r\nloyalty points. These points can be played on many of the other games\r\nthroughout the website, or, alternatively, you can trade your loyalty points\r\nfor cash.\r\n\r\nDouble Points Sunday\r\n\r\nWhenever you play any of the bingo games, slot machines or instant games on\r\na Sunday, you will have the ability to earn double the usual amount in\r\nloyalty points.\r\n\r\nThroughout the Gone Bingo website there are offers galore that are there to\r\nbe taken advantage of by members, making it one of the most lucrative bingo\r\nwebsites to be a part of. It is an award winning website with hundreds of\r\ntestimonials available to read, if you need to be convinced.\r\n\r\nThe website itself is very easy to navigate and there is a very useful help\r\ndesk if you require any further assistance. There are games that run all\r\nthrough the day, seven days a week, meaning that you will never be short of\r\nsomething to do if you do become a member. Not only this, but Gone Bingo\r\nalso offers you the opportunity to play some of the games by using your\r\nmobile phone, so a computer is not even a necessity.

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