How To Play

For those in the complete dark regarding bingo, bingo is a number game that basically involves striking numbers from a card that are randomly drawn and called out to the players. When all the numbers are called from the players card the bingo game is won. The traditional 90 number bingo game has a card that has 3 rows and 9 columns. Five squares in each row contain numbers from 1 to 90 and the others are blank. Generally the game consists of 3 attempts; the single line, two lines and the full house where all the numbers are called on the card. The lines play across the board not down the board and the player wins the prize for the line that they match numbers with. You can purchase a strip which includes all numbers from 1 to 90 or single or multiple games with a random selection of numbers. There is also 75 number bingo more commonly played in America. This involves making a pattern on your bingo card from the numbers that are called. The rest of the principles stay the same.\r\n\r\nOnline bingo has a call board so that you can keep on top of the numbers that are drawn and see the previous numbers. Don’t panic though because even if you fail to claim and are the winner you are automatically declared the winner!! This is a handy tool in case of disconnection from your server or other technical problems that might affect your game. This works with the manual dauber too take your eyes off the numbers and miss one call and this still does not affect your eventual win!