InterBingo June Promotions

InterBingo\r\nWe were totally gutted when we investigated Interbingo’s current promotions only to find that some of the ones on the website are still from before Christmas and dated for 2008! Come on Interbingo you can do better! There are lots of simple and regular promos like their double your deposit promotion and the Interbingo free bingo games for newly registered players but our socks were not knocked off at first glance. Then, though we did some more snooping…\r\n\r\n…and we found out that Interbingo is actually running some incredibly cool promotions after all! These include a chat game where the top 10 chat gamers (who play chat games the most over the course of the month) each win £50 in cash. The leaderboard for the ‘Chat for Cash’ game is automatically updated too so you don’t need to worry about whether or not they’re keeping tabs on your chatting fervour.\r\n\r\nAlso, if you play every day for a week (apart from Sunday) in succession then you get in to a special tea time jamboree bingo game and can win massive jackpots. It’s kind of a promotion aimed at regular players and it’s a great idea so, we love it! Inter bingo has also launched loads of cool new side games that are worth a little shout out, there’s Robin Hood, Cleopatra and Chain-Reactors.\r\n\r\nIf you’re interested in knowing how much people are winning at Interbingo, then prepare to have your mind blown because one of the most recent monthly winners grabbed £61,280.07 on the chain reactors game! Another lucky winner bagged £26,476.21 on a simple Bingo Slot and one player even managed to walk away with £25,473.90 from a regular Bingo game! That’s a lot of money Interbingo has been handing out, so it’s definitely worth a visit. Also, new people who sign up to the site can have a few games for free! Which is another appealing promo, funnily enough.\r\n\r\nClick here to visit InterBingo

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