Jackpotjoy Bingo

Jackpotjoy Bingo is one of the best Bingo website for users who love games\r\nas well as bingo. It is definitely one of the better bingo websites when it\r\ncomes to other games; it is positively crammed with lots of fun games which\r\nare all very well designed. They also have a wide variety of bingo rooms\r\navailable to users. Jackpotjoy are a company who aim to please. They\r\nare all about keeping their players happy and entertained throughout their\r\ntime on the website and they are always releasing new games and competitions\r\nto keep users interested.\r\n

Deposit £10, Play with £35

\r\nThere is a very generous 250% match bonus which makes the fun last longer and makes\r\nvisiting this site something any bingo or gaming fan must do.\r\n\r\nJackpotjoy Bingo are probably one of the best websites around when it comes\r\nto bingo games. They have very innovative bingo games. Some of their most\r\npopular bingo rooms feature 75 ball bingo with fast rising progressive jackpots.\r\n\r\nIn 90 ball bingo there is Bejewelled Bingo where players get to play a game of Bejewelled at the end of every game   or Bingo Royale that calls extra balls after the first bingo has been called.\r\n\r\nIt is innovations like this that keep Jackpot Joy Bingo fresh and\r\nexciting to players old and new.\r\n\r\nAll of the bingo rooms at Jackpotjoy Bingo are very well designed. The\r\ngraphics are excellent and give the website great personality. They also\r\nfeature lots of useful additions including mini games which can be played\r\nwhile your bingo game is in progress and an excellent chat room, both of\r\nwhich are placed in a window at the bottom of the screen so as not to\r\ninterrupt your main game.\r\n\r\n \r\n

Lots of Choice

\r\nThe bingo games are very exciting and fast paced.\r\nThey are also very easy to use and even newbies should have no problem\r\nplaying them. The rooms are always crammed with people; ensuring that the\r\njackpots on offer are always excellent. When playing bingo with Jackpot joy\r\nBingo, there are often little bonus games which crop up. These games give\r\nplayers the chance to win prizes including cash, extra bingo cards and even\r\ncars or holidays on occasion.\r\n\r\nThere are loads of different bingo rooms available at Jackpotjoy Bingo. These include lots of 90 ball bingo,\r\nand 75 ball games Bingo Lounge and  Bingo20. The variety\r\nof bingo rooms available is excellent and bingo fans will love the different\r\ngames available as they are a refreshing change to the standard bingo games\r\navailable on many other bingo websites. There are both 75 and 90 ball bingo\r\ngames available and the software used is truly excellent, delivering an\r\nexcellent game of bingo to users. Each of the bingo rooms features a\r\nchat room which is very simple to use and always has a chat moderator on\r\nhand to help members with any problems they may have.\r\n\r\nAs well as bingo, there are a lot of other entertaining games to keep you\r\nbusy at Jackpotjoy. There are loads of slots and instant games as well as\r\nother fun games such as the very popular ‘Deal or No Deal’ game based on the\r\nhuge TV show. The games are all really well made and are probably the best\r\nin the industry at this time. The graphics are excellent and the gameplay is\r\nsmooth and easy. The bonuses and jackpots available compare well too. It is\r\neasy to see why Jackpot Joy Bingo is such a popular choice when you spend\r\nsometimes playing their range of games.\r\n

Great Customer Service

\r\nThe customer service available at Jackpotjoy is second to none with\r\nthe staff bending over backward to help. There is also an excellent bonus\r\nscheme available to users which is definitely worth a look. You can get a\r\n£25 bonus for a first deposit of just £10. This gives you a great\r\nopportunity to see what Jackpotjoy has to offer and we promise that you\r\nwill not be disappointed. The games are all a lot of fun and have been so\r\nwell designed that you could easily spend hours playing on them. The bingo\r\ngames are much more fun than bingo games on a lot of other sites are too.

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