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Astrobingo\r\n\r\nThe big British bingo site with a fun horoscope theme, Astro Bingo, has\r\nloads on offer for all their players this June – from new games, to extra\r\npromotions and rewards for everyone. Well-known for their generous bingo\r\npoints, huge variety of tournaments, games and ever-changing features, the\r\nAstro Bingo site promises to add more and more this June, to keep your bingo\r\ngames fun and fresh.\r\n\r\nJune is a great time for making a deposit into your Astro Bingo site -\r\nwhether you are a new player or already use the site. Their weekly ‘It’s\r\nMidnight Somewhere’ special offers a special deposit bonus between 110% and\r\n190% every Wednesday – great if you fancy playing their special jackpot\r\ngames. Even if it’s not Wednesday, their great June promotions means that\r\nanyone can recieve a minimum 100% bonus on all their deposits, and new\r\nplayers are treated with a first-time 150% bonus on their first deposit.\r\n\r\nIf new games are more your thing, the Astro Bingo site has introducted some\r\nfab new games this June, with puzzle bingo, and the chance to play exclusive\r\ngames in Letters of Fortune – from noon til midnight in their Money Tree and\r\nMad House rooms. And, if you love Deal or No Deal, you will love the new\r\n’Steal Or No Steal’ game, available hourly in certain rooms with prizes from\r\n£2 up to £100. In addition, they are hosting their very own ‘Grand Prix’\r\nevery day – a speedball bingo tournament that offers over £1500 in cash\r\nprizes and loads of bonuses.\r\n\r\nIn addition, if you’ve ever felt like you were too outnumbered by the big\r\nspenders in the game rooms, they offer special ‘Fair For All’ bingo games\r\nall through June for two hours a day, where players all have the same amount\r\nof tickets and the same chance of winning! All this and regular loyalty\r\npromotions and buy one get free offers in selected rooms makes Astro Bingo\r\nworth a look this June.\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Astro Bingo

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