Ladbrokes Bingo offers for July

Ladbrokes Bingo\r\nWith Ladbrokes Bingo’s current promotion, you’ve got the chance to play for practically nothing. Playing Bingo in the Attic on the hour gives you the chance to play for the cost of what time it is – 1 pence at 1pm, 2 pence at 2 pm, 3 pence at 3 pm and 4 pence at 4 pm. What’s more, the prizes go up as the day goes on as well – from a £10 prize pool at 1pm, up to a £40 prize at 4 pm.\r\n\r\nIf you’ve got a good general knowledge, why not give yourself the chance to win more while you’re playing bingo? Ladbrokes Bingo currently have a pub quiz promotion on, which gives a prize of £50 to the top scorer, £25 to the second best scorer, and £10 to the person who comes third. As well as a general pub quiz, there is an alternative with questions that are based on celebrities, and you’re judged on how well you answer and the speed of your responses. To take part, you just need to go to the lounge room part of the site at 8 pm on a Monday, and make sure you play at least two bingo games at the same time – a free and easy way to win more money.\r\n\r\nFor all those who like to play late night bingo, there are special prizes available, as the Super Saturday promotion currently offers a prize of £1000 at 9 pm, and also a prize of £1500 at 1 0pm, with tickets to play costing just 50 pence. As well as great promotions on the Ladbrokes Bingo site, there are big prizes to be won just playing bingo normally, as recent members have won over £2600, and there are over 4000 winners every day. Click here to visit Ladbrokes Bingo

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