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Bingo\r\n\r\nWith daily jackpots which often total over £22,000, it is not difficult to\r\nsee why the ‘Daily Mail’s’ Coffee Break Bingo has quickly become the site of\r\nchoice for thousands of bingo-ers throughout the U.K. Recent total daily\r\npayouts have topped £180,000 and the site offers a plethora of bingo-related\r\nchallenges as well as other exciting online games.\r\n\r\nSign up soon to take advantage of the free £1 gift for all new\r\nregistrations, offering you the chance to participate in ten free games -\r\nand the chance to win big. Further, for a limited time only, Coffee Break\r\nbingo will match all deposits up to £125, effectively doubling your chance\r\nof winning. Even more enticing is the site’s offer to match your second\r\ndeposit of up to £65 – an offer available for a limited time only.\r\n\r\nCoffee Break Bingo also runs a range of new offers each week. This month’s\r\noffers include a buy one get one free deal on Mondays and a Penny Bingo\r\nThursdays as well as ‘Fantastic Bumper Fridays’ when prizes from £50-£150\r\nare on the table. Further, on Mondays you can play up to three rounds of\r\nbingo for free.\r\n\r\nA new addition to the Coffee Break bingo game selection is the so-called\r\n’Bingo Lounge.’ This fantastic facility offers you the chance to buy into a\r\ngame of bingo for just 20p, whilst you can also enter the ‘Going for Gold’\r\ngame which offers jackpots of over £5000 – this week’s jackpot stands at\r\nover £22,000.\r\n\r\nCoffee Break have also recently launched a series of ‘Chat Games’ which\r\nallow you to chat online whilst playing bingo. Other new additions include\r\nthe ‘Mail Online Scratchcard Game’ which offers you the chance to win £100\r\neveryday for free.\r\n\r\nTo take advantage of Coffee Break’s exciting range of products and to sign\r\nup now for free.\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Daily Mail Bingo

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