A made-under Helen Flanagan joins the Bingo Godz

BingogodzHelenBorgThis week Helen Flanagan, who used to play Rosie Webster in Coronation Street, has shown true acting talent by coming over all modest and prim and proper in a new series of pictures that launch her as the first celebrity to endorse unique online bingo site Bingo Godz.\r\n\r\nThe pictures released by Bingo Godz show a very demure Helen in a pure white, one shoulder, column dress that flatters her beautiful figure while revealing hardly any flesh. Helen is the muse for a new god that will appear at the site shortly, Helena, the Mancunian Goddess of Love.\r\n\r\nThe home page at Bingo Godz has already been updated to show Helen with two of the more familiar gods from the site that featured in the original advertising campaign, Zantos and Shu-Horn. It’s a shame that the picture being used on the site shows Helen in her usual pouty pose, as the other pictures released show her in a different light, without the cleavage and the perennial pout – and much better she looks too.\r\n\r\nBingo Godz have created a new avatar for new goddess Helena and no doubt she will arrive at the site in great style shortly, bearing gifts, just like all the other godz.\r\n\r\nHelen commented on her new role at Bingo Godz, saying: “I love my character! Who wouldn’t want to be immortalised into their very own godly alter-ego. Who would have thought there would be a god from Manchester?”\r\n\r\nBingoGodzHelenavatar

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