Metro Bingo June Promotions and Offers

Metro Bingo\r\nFor a site that is brought to us by the team behind that infamous free Metro Newspaper, there aren’t that many regularly updated promotions on there. We’re not complaining though because they have a schedule jam packed with week-in, week-out favourites such as their popular More Money Monday promotion where you can enjoy buy one get one free deals. Then there are tons of other great daily promos like Midweek Madness.\r\n\r\nWinners aren’t complaining either and there are hundreds of them on Metro Bingo. Loads of them have won over £5,000 each in the monthly bingo games and one player recently won £25,000 on her first night playing on the site!\r\n\r\nHer screen name was yeahmygo and she won the Giant Jackpot after just 8 minutes on the website. She added that she’d never thought she was that lucky a person but she must be because after her initial £25,000 prize-grab, she won another big prize the next weekend in the Snowball game, too. While Metro Bingo isn’t dazzling us with box-fresh promotions it is thrilling us with some other new items on the site such as the Bingo Ballroom game and chat and the news that they paid out a whopping £9 million pounds to lucky players just last month!\r\n\r\nThere’s also a new promotion which centres on those who love to play chat games, the chattiest of chat game players, (whoever plays the most chat games in the month) according to an automatic leader board with a list of the top ten chatters will win £500 just for doing something they love. The prize fund will be split between the ten players so it will work out to £50 each, but for many people; that’ll be a potential £50 free for just playing the chat games they adore.\r\n\r\nClick here to play Metro Bingo

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