News Of The World Bingo offers for July

News Of The World Bingo\r\nNews of the World Bingo is really the alternate identity for Sun Bingo. Most people recognise the tabloid newspapers and know that they’re connected but few of us may figure out that NOTW Bingo and Sun Bingo is actually one and the same site.\r\n\r\nOf course, what this means for us, is that the promotions on both sites are the same and so are the winners! That won’t stop us from telling you what those have been though! You see, every Saturday and Sunday in July you can get a BOGOF (buy one get one free) deal on bingo tickets in the afternoon between 2pm and 4pm. Simply buy your tickets as normal to take part and for every one you buy another will be automatically added for free.\r\n\r\nIf you have an unending love for free bingo then you’ll also be pleased to hear that you can play free Bingo on NOTW Bingo for no pennies at all! The games run on Tuesday evenings and are set up in the Fashion Club. They take place between 8pm and 10pm. If you win one line you’ll scoop £10, win on two lines and you can walk away with £15 and if you manage to get a full house there’s a massive £50 jackpot available – all from a freebie game!\r\n\r\nOne recent winner on the website Daniel K managed to win 8,060.76 on his very first game of the day and he says he’ll use the money to go on holiday with his girlfriend to South Africa. He added that he might sneakily buy a new TV too! Meanwhile, a lucky mum called Emma H from Nottinghamshire managed to win £10,969.65 on the site and she was over the moon, saying that she would use the money to take her children on holiday to Disneyland in Florida. Click here to play News Of The World Bingo

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