PaddyPower Bingo promotions for July

\r\nPaddyPower Bingo seem to have more free bingo games running at any given time than any other bingo site out there! They don’t just have games once a week or month, instead, they run free bingo deals daily and weekly with additional freebie offers slotted in regularly.\r\n\r\nThere are no special promotions designed specifically for the sunny month of July when it comes to PaddyPower sadly, but they have got some stunningly enormous jackpots going so if you have a hankering to win enough to buy a big house in the country then PaddyPower bingo might be the site for you.\r\n\r\nOne of their massive jackpots is the Big Top Tombola Progressive, which seems to inspire the magic of a day at the circus and you could probably afford to buy some elephants and rent a lion tamer if you won! Because, it currently stands at £403,352.\r\n\r\nPlayers can win cash in Euros or Pounds through PaddyPower Bingo and one recent player called corcity managed to win £2,500 on a simple game of speed bingo, while another player called Angela03 bagged £1,520 in a Ladies Night game. The Big Top Tombola room seems to pay out well too with one player winning one day and then winning again the next. Carolkiel first one 1,150 Euros and then the next day a further 1,400 Euros!\r\n\r\nSomething cool which PaddyPower Bingo offers players which many other sites don’t is a detailed schedule of the games that are coming up in all the different rooms so you can plan ahead and decide what games to you and don’t want to take part in easily. A special calendar on the home page lets you sort promotions and games by day of the week, freebies and sign up promotions at the click of a button and then you can peruse what’s on offer and make informed choices on where (and when) you buy bingo tickets. Click here to visit PaddyPower Bingo

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