Play all new Lucky 7’s at tombola Bingo

When a bingo site goes quiet for a while you can be sure that when that site is as big as tombola that it is planning something great.\r\n\r\nThat is just what has happened this week at tombola Bingo. The site has kept a low profile since the start of the year and its generous new year giveaway, but now it is back with a bang.\r\n\r\nThe site has just launched a new game, again bingo based, but not a standard bingo game, called Lucky 7’s. In this game under each of the numbers on a grid there is a fruit and before the game starts each player chooses seven numbers of the 49 of their own or let the game choose seven random ones for them.\r\n

tombola bingo

\r\nAs the numbers are called out a fruit is revealed under the corresponding number on the grid. To win the game prize the only requirement is to be the first player to reveal seven fruits the same under the numbers called. Those seven pre-picked numbers deliver double the game prize if the winner calls bingo on those being the seven they win on rather than other random fruits.\r\n\r\nPlaying Lucky 7’s is a bit like playing the lottery in that there are only 49 numbers in the game, but in this one you need the to find 7 matching symbols within the first 11 balls called to win the room jackpot.\r\n\r\nAs is usual with tombola Bingo games players can choose how much to stake – either 10p, 25p or 50p and the prize varies with how many people are playing in the room. The game jackpots are static for calling within 11 numbers at £100, £500 and £1,000 respectively.\r\n\r\nIt takes a little getting used to as you are counting up to a win and collecting symbols rather than marking them off and counting down, but it’s unique and that’s the tombola trade mark.

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