Play Blankety Blank, The Price is Right Scratch and more at Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo\r\nGala Bingo is one of the leading providers of online bingo and related games. Following on from its hugely popular ‘bricks & mortar’ bingo clubs that are scattered around the country, Gala has worked hard to ensure that the online version of its games become every bit as successful. Whereas Gala’s club network is largely limited to bingo type games, the Gala Bingo website supports a much wider variety of games that serves to keep the site’s large community of players busy. Producing a number of top winners on the site through regular game play and occasional or ongoing promotions, Gala Bingo offers plenty of non-bingo related entertainment in games such as Shepherd’s Delight, Blankety Blank, The Price is Right Scratch, Virtual Dogs, A Girls’ Night Out and the X Factor Scratch.\r\n\r\nIn respect to the winners produced by Gala Bingo, the site claims to pay out a truly staggering sum of cash each month. In fact, Gala Bingo claims to pay out in excess of £65 million on average every month to more than 500,000 winners! At the time of writing this review, two Gala Bingo players were featured on the website to demonstrate the potential for winning huge cash sums among other things; indeed, one member from Abergele in Wales was said to have won £67,000 from a 25p bet on the immensely popular side game, Galaxy Bingo, whilst another, Catherine Whitehead, even managed to find love in Gala Bingo’s busy chat rooms!\r\n\r\nFurthermore, at the beginning of January, mandymoll won a huge £14,682 whilst playing the popular Galaxy Bingo game and, earlier, jimmy96 won Gala Bingo’s ongoing Cash Climber jackpot of £83,858 – from just a 60p spin! Because Gala Bingo is intrinsically linked to its offline games, many of its online promotions refer to those that can be enjoyed in one of the hundreds of Gala Bingo Clubs that are dotted around the country. One such promotion is the ‘Main Event’, which is hosted in the City, Amazon, Castle & Station clubs and comprises afternoon and evening sessions that feature jackpots ranging from around £3,000 to £5,000.\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Gala Bingo

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