Share £500k with Sun Bingo and The Sun newspaper

Sun Bingo is very proud of its links to The Sun red top newspaper and now the two are coming together and are giving away a massive £500,000 this weekend.\r\n\r\n17,000 Sun readers will win a prize at Sun Bingo worth anything from £25 to £10,000 if they buy a copy of the paper on Saturday 27th April. On that day the TV listings magazine that is provided with the paper will contain a special code. Readers then need to log in to a special Sun Bingo landing page where they will find a list of winning codes.\r\n

Sun Bingo

\r\nEvery visitor will need to join Sun Bingo to be able to check their code, but there is no deposit required to take part or claim one of the prizes should they find a matching code.\r\n\r\nThere will be 20 winning codes published at Sun Bingo and there will be 17,000 winners published in The Sun. Anyone that finds a matching code will need to contact Bingo Support at Sun Bingo to claim their prize and will need their copy of the magazine with them.\r\n\r\nThere are two top prizes of £10,000 and two prizes of £5,000. The values then drop gradually:\r\n\r\n6 x £2,500\r\n10 x £1,000\r\n20 x £  500\r\n30 x £  250\r\n40 x £  100\r\n50 x £   50\r\n\r\nAfter that there are 16,840 prizes of £25 each – still not an insignificant amount to win for the 50p price of a newspaper. Current members of Sun Bingo can log in to check their code two and are not excluded from this offer so join now and save time and then don’t forgot to buy The Sun on Saturday.

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