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Hosts many games with different prizes to be won

Cheeky Bingo is a fun website that can still boast the main appeal of a traditional bingo playing site. Members register from all over the world in order to play at Cheeky Bingo, and its popularity is steadily increasing. There is a very relaxed feel that adds to the appeal of the website, preventing it from making new users feel at all intimidated if they have been a part of a bingo website community before.

The appeal of Cheeky Bingo is obvious from the outset, as soon as you visit the website for the first time. You are instantly made aware of a number of offers that are available to be taken advantage of, should you decide to join, as well as a good description of the games and prizes that the website can boast. When you look further into the possibility of joining, you are also informed of some of the appealing offers that are an added bonus to becoming a member of Cheeky Bingo.

No deposit bingo

Very few online bingo sites offer a no deposit bonus of the level that Cheeky Bingo do. Upon joining the website you are immediately entitled to your first bonus as a member of Cheeky Bingo.

The main basis of the Cheeky Bingo homepage is to make visitors aware of the possibility of playing a number of their bingo games free of charge, while still being in with a good chance of winning real prizes. There are six free rooms that are available to members of the website, each with different jackpots on offer to its competitors.

Cheeky Points

As with many bingo specific websites, Cheeky Bingo runs a points system with its members. These points can build up in many different ways and eventually be traded for playable money, with 1000 Cheeky Points equating to £1. Points can be earned in different ways, whether it is through buying bingo cards of different values and simply taking part in the games or winning different competitions with points on offer.

Progressive Jackpots

There is a progressive jackpot game in all of the running 5p and 10p bingo rooms, giving members the opportunity to maximise their potential winnings. These games run throughout the day and feature options to play in both the 75 ball and the 90 ball rooms.

These offers and more make Cheeky Bingo an appealing website with a great personality, which offers up the prospect of winning prizes in any of its numerous different games all day, every day. The 75 and 90 ball bingo games present more chances to communicate with your fellow Cheeky Bingo members, with the chat function being an integral part of the website. However, Cheeky Bingo still hosts many other games with different prizes to be won through playing them. The slot machines and instant prize games are still a big part of what Cheeky Bingo has to offer.

If you wish to see the sorts of prizes that you could win through Cheeky Bingo, there are details in the winners section of the homepage.

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  1. Donna Raddatz on

    I was playing cheeky bingo and in the middle of playing the game it knocked me out of the game because it froze. I tried to get back on to play it again and they said it is not available in the United States. I know a lot of people who play this game and they have no problems with it. I would like to know how to get this game back without paying for it. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

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