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A special exclusive Coronation Street Bingo room

Gala Bingo is truly one of the best and most entertaining online bingo websites around. As soon as you reach their homepage you can tell that it is a fun place to play. The design is bold, bright and glittering and features many celebrity endorsements along the way and there is even a special exclusive Coronation Street Bingo room where you will find Fred Elliott calling the numbers.

To join the fun and these star studded bingo games is quick and simple.

Gala Bingo has been very well designed and a lot of thought has obviously gone into the construction of it. The site is very user friendly and can be navigated with ease even though the website is much bigger than most other online bingo sites. The registration process is very easy with just a simple form to fill out before you get stuck in. You don’t even need to download any software in order to play.

Big name and big games

Of course Gala has always been a big name in the bingo world and their website is no different. It is a truly spectacular place to play bingo online with lots of fun. Gala have around 175 clubs which play all over the UK and has over 5 million members, so you know that they are a name who can be trusted when it comes to all things bingo. It is not a huge shock then to find that their Gala Bingo website is massive. It has lots of different bingo rooms as well as extra games which you can play if you get bored of the bingo side of things.

Another benefit of playing with Gala Bingo is that it really pulls in the crowds. There are literally thousands of members and this is very good news because the more members that are playing, the higher the jackpots will be and there certainly is a potential to win big when playing at the Gala Bingo website.

The prices at Gala Bingo are very reasonable with bingo cards costing from as little as 2p each. This means that your money goes a lot further than it would at a lot of the other big bingo websites and makes the jackpot prices seem even better considering such a small stake can be placed. There is a lot of help available to users of the Gala Bingo website. There is a bingo assistant on the site which acts as a guide to the processes and procedures you will use when playing with Gala Bingo. If you need more help, there is a dedicated customer care line with staff who are fully trained to assist you with all your needs. You can also email staff who will be only too happy to provide you with the assistance you require.

Exclusive games

Gala Bingo has a huge variety of online bingo rooms to choose from. An exclusive deal with ITV sees Gala Bingo offering its players the chance to play Coronation Street Bingo and slot games. These can’t be found anywhere else and are exclusive to Gala Bingo until 2016. Hear Fred Elliott calling the numbers and see clips from classic Corrie plot lines between the games.

Each room has its own unique design and its very own feel. All the bingo rooms offer a different set of games and prizes to play meaning there is something for everyone and there are always promotions and competitions on offer where users can win prizes including holidays and cars amongst others.  As well as bingo, there is a great range of slot machine and instant win games.

Great Customer Service

The chat rooms at Gala Bingo are a lot of fun. They are very fast paced and they vary a lot from room to room. Many of the rooms have hundreds of players onboard at any one time. The chat moderators keep everyone in control and lead the fun.

It can get a bit confusing at times, but, at least there is always someone on hand to talk to and the support the players give each other is great.

Support available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

Freephone from UK: 0800 294 7 294

Outside UK: +44 (0) 2032887905


3 comments on "Gala Bingo"

  1. Katie on

    I really love this site. It’s got such a clean and easy to use interface, and all the games look and function fabulously. The bingo rooms are my favourite, but I’m also partial to the Vegas section, the blackjack I like a lot too. Probably the best thing about the site is that you can play lots of games with just 1p, and I like that because I’m not rich! I just play for the entertainment and the fun chat rooms. I don’t know how their customer service is because I’ve never had to use it for the whole 9 months I’ve been playing. I play a few times a week as well, their site is really reliable! Go Gala, you’re the best of the bunch!

  2. Lesley Upham on

    The problem I had with Gala Bingo is, is that when you register with them and give them your bank details to play the games, there is no problem with them taking the money out of your account! But when you have a win!! they refuse to pay you unless you can show them proof of your identity??? There is something not right here, all these details should be given before you open an account with them!!!

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