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There are many different rooms that host the games

Ladbrokes is one of the largest and most reputable bookmakers in the world and, as a result, has expanded its website into a variety of other forms of gambling, allowing its members to enjoy games from the casino or from the bingo lounge. The Ladbrokes bingo website affords its members many of the same luxuries you would expect from the majority of other bingo specific websites, and, due to its popularity, also has many other benefits to offer.

Through joining the Ladbrokes bingo community, you will be able to enjoy a  generous welcome bonus.

The site has an exclusive free bingo room just for newbies – the Guest Room. Access is granted to new players for a full seven days from registration, but only opens on the £10 spend. The room opens for an hour at 10am, 4pm and 7pm. Remember, that if you only deposit and spend on day 6 following registration you will only be able to access the room for 1 day.

More For Your Money

Every afternoon, Ladbrokes Bingo runs a sequence of games that offer members the chance to win from a prize pot that could represent excellent value for money. The tickets for these games can be bought for 1p, 2p, 3p or 4p and members are not limited to the number of tickets that they are allowed to purchase. The prize pots gradually increase depending on the price of the ticket that you have bought, but each game has a set prize pool that could allow you to make significant earnings.

Progressive Jackpots

There are a number of stipulated games on offer from Ladbrokes, which offers a large and progressive jackpot if you are able to win in a set time. By playing Bingo and achieving House in under 33 balls, you are able to claim a progressive jackpot that begins at £5,000 and increases every day until it is won. At the same time, if you get manage to get House in under 38 balls, you can claim the £2,500 prize.

Such is the sheer size of the Ladbrokes website and, as a result, the Ladbrokes Bingo community, there is a very polished and professional feel to the website. Substantial prizes are commonly available through the wide variety of bingo games that are run, with special offers on a regular basis making it possible to make big winnings at almost any time of the week. There are many different rooms that host the games at Ladbrokes, which enables them to run a new game every few minutes, meaning that the members will never be left waiting to take part in one of the competitions.

With Ladbrokes undoubted popularity throughout the country, the members’ community is also rapidly increasing at all times. There are thousands of people who choose to play their bingo at Ladbrokes and many of their testimonials can be found on the website, should you be looking for further details.

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