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Quality games and big payouts

Tombola is one of the UK’s biggest names in the online bingo scene. The brand not only offers a huge variety of bingo games, but also slots, scratch cards, and bingo-themed variations on table games. If you’re a fan of bingo, you simply can’t go wrong with Tombola! The company, licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and owned by Tombola, Plc, is the place to be for unique bingo games.


The blockbuster feature of Tombola is definitely the games they offer, all of which are developed using their unique, in-house software. Rather than targeting one specific audience, Tombola has covered its bases by creating so many games that they appeal to all tastes!

In addition to (many variations of) bingo, Tombola also boasts a number of casino-based games, with a bingo twist. For example, there’s Bingo Roulette, where users place chips on numbers on the roulette table, then the wheel spins to produce number after number: you win when you complete a set, just like traditional bingo.

Players can also visit the arcade, where there are slots, scratch cards, and various unique Tombola games. For ambitious players, Bingo 60, Pulse, and Cinco all offer £20,000 jackpots, while you can win an unreal £30,000 with Stars!

The Community 

Tombola is one of those sites where there is just a phenomenal community of players. Tombola has put a lot of effort into optimising its in-game chat, and many players are active on social media as well, supporting and encouraging each other all the time!

Play on your phone

Tombola (and the arcade) have mobile-optimised sites, which means the platform adapts completely for smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately, playing on mobile does mean losing a fair number of games, since players can only access the complete catalogue on desktop.

Some players do think games can work even better on smaller screens, however. For example, Pulse rotates to fill the entire screen, making it more engaging than on desktop!

There is also an app available for both Android and iOS, so if you’d rather not boot up your browser every time you play, then check them out. It offers the same games, functionality, fast loading times, and overall smoothness of the mobile website.

How can I deposit and cashout my winnings?

In order to play at Tombola, you need to make the minimum deposit of £10 into your account, and cannot exceed the maximum deposits of £500 a week, and £2500 a month. These limits are designed as rough safeguards against problem gambling. Unfortunately, you’re also limited to £2,000 per withdrawal, unless you use cheque, in which case there’s no upper limit.

When it comes to the deposit and withdrawal options, you can choose from the following providers:

  • PayPal
  • Visa Electron
  • Maestro
  • Cheque (withdrawal only)

Tombola insists on a 72-hour processing period, which means that even using PayPal (the fastest withdrawal method) you’re unlikely to see your winnings for at least 3 days. After the processing has ended, payment to PayPal should be instant, while it may be 3-5 business days before payments reach bank accounts, and considerably longer by cheque.

What extra goodies are on offer?

The Tombola website offers a number of great benefits to its users, from one-off bonuses to recurring promotions. Visit the website to see what’s available!

Do they have online support?

Tombola’s customer support team is active 24/7, and can be contacted by:

  • Phone – By landline 0800 29 888 73, by mobile: 0330 124 0700
  • Email[email protected]
  • Online Chat
  • Post – Tombola, Wylan Wharf, Low Street, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear SR1 2JR

During testing, we found the support  to be responsive and helpful. The response time is anywhere from 10 seconds (live chat) to a couple of hours by email.

The website also has a “Help“ section which, in addition to providing all of the contact info for support, also has a thorough set of FAQs to answer all the standard queries Tombola users might have.


Tombola is one of those classic bingo platforms which has been popular for a long time. They have a sizeable fan base online, and their games are played by adults of all ages. The reason players love Tombola is because they offer quality games and big payouts, whilst also appearing to genuinely care about player wellbeing.

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