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Crown Bingo

\r\nThe phrases “Two Fat Ladies” and “Baker’s Dozen” may never have taken on the fame and repeated use they have if it wasn’t for the enduring popularity of bingo. The simple and easy fun of the game, alongside the social aspect of the game, have served to make it massively popular. With the coming of the internet, bingo was not left behind, and bingo and gaming companies managed to translate this fun and accessibility on to the net.\r\n\r\nOne of these successful companies is Crown Bingo, who have had a considerable presence online and offer a number of different fun games in which you can win yourself great prizes and massive jackpots. As you might expect, they have a good number of long-running promotions, such as buy one get one free Saturday, and special bonuses when your deposit funds in your gaming account. However, Crown Bingo do have a special promotion running all through July.\r\n\r\nRetro July is Crown Bingo’s way of taking you back to before the days of MP3s and the internet, and offer different, retro prizes for every day of the week. On Mondays, winning can bag you those old school sweets that you so miss, Tuesdays is dedicated to the classic movies we love, including Saturday Night Fever, Jaws and the seminal Breakfast Club. Wednesdays too have great prizes, with holidays to Butlins, Haven, Hoseasons and Blackpool on offer, whereas Thursday well gift you all those cool retro t-shirts you never got at the time, but can have now!\r\n\r\nFinally, Fridays will give you a prize of leisure sets from Lush, whereas the weekend will allow you to possibly win the games of your childhood, including Slinkys and, brilliantly Space Hoppers! Click here to visit Crown Bingo

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