Sun Bingo – Buy One Get One Free

Sun Bingo\r\nThere seem to be some staples when it comes to online bingo promotions and two of our favourites are buy one get one free deals on bingo tickets and freebie bingo tickets. This July Sun Bingo is focussing on these two types of promotion and offering some tasty prizes.\r\n\r\nEvery weekend in July Sun Bingo is offering BOGOF (buy one get one free) deals on Bingo 90 tickets between 2pm and 4pm (on Saturdays and Sundays,) which is a great way to brighten up a boring weekend. Buy a ticket during the BOGOF time period and the website will automatically give you another one absolutely free, great huh? If free bingo cards are right up your street then you’ll also love the Bingo 90 games that they’re running for everyone at no cost to players.\r\n\r\nTo play Bingo for free, simply pop in to the Fashion Club on a Tuesday evening between 8pm and 10pm and you can play Free Bingo! If you win on one line you’ll get £10 as a prize, win on two lines you’ll get £15 for a prize and if you bag a full house you could be walking away with £50!\r\n\r\nSun Bingo and News of The World Bingo are actually the same site with a different identity, a bit like Superman and Clark Kent are the same superhero, so they share everything from the same promotions to the same winners. One recent winner on both websites was called Minx7958 she managed to win £4874.96 on July 13 in the afternoon, that’s not bad going for a game of bingo!\r\n\r\nA player with the amusing name of omgtyty, also rather fittingly won on the 13th of July getting themselves a tidy £4369,25. When they won, do you think they might have said: “Oh my god, thankyou! Thankyou!”?\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Sun Bingo

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