Think Bingo in March

\r\nThink Bingo claims to be the UK’s first standalone bingo website, which perhaps goes some way towards explaining why it is able to offer so many top promotions, cash jackpots, bonuses and games. In fact, the numerous games available at Think Bingo ensure that the site’s large and friendly community of players is kept busy and very much entertained. Furthermore, the games also help to produce daily winners on the Think Bingo website, which is renowned for its fast payouts, excellent customer service and friendly atmosphere.\r\n\r\nAt the time of writing this review, there had been plenty of recent winners announced on the Think Bingo website, which features a pleasant pink background and uncomplicated layout. The most recent winners included: bess1 (£57.12); loobylou12 (£500); and woodyswon, who won several amounts of £100, £200 and £300. Think Bingo regularly pays out smaller cash prizes to its members who play bingo and other such games on its site; although, the Think Bingo website does not always update its site to reflect the true number of winners, so prospective players might want to try out the site before reaching any conclusions. In short, Think Bingo continues to produce numerous top winners on the site in addition to those who collect much smaller sums of cash.\r\n\r\nAside from standard games and winnings, Think Bingo continues to support a number of superb promotions. Every week, the site claims to offer “huge wads of cash, home cinema systems, giant LCD TVs, brill laptops & smart digicams”. All of these prizes are available to players who click on the ‘THINK BIG’ tab and pre-purchase cards. The pre-purchase specials are scheduled as follows: Thursday Thriller (£1,000 guaranteed jackpot every Thursday at 9pm); Movie Madness (50″ home cinema system or 40″ LCD television every Friday at 9pm); Saturday Special (£2,000 guaranteed 90 ball special every Saturday at 9pm); and Lappy Mania (laptop or digicam every Sunday at 9pm). The pre-purchase specials cost around £1 per card and are complemented on the site by Think Bingo’s regular £10,000 guaranteed jackpots, Snowball Sundays (£2,000 jackpots) and Saturday Stash specials (£3,000 guaranteed jackpots).\r\n\r\nThese offers can change every week so for full details make sure you visit Think Bingo to get all of the most up to date information.

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