Tombola Bingo in March

tombola bingo\r\nTombola Bingo is one of the leading providers of online bingo and related games, which include popular titles such as Hamster Race, Bandit, Cinco, Treasure Map and Roller-Coaster. In respect to bingo only games, Tombola Bingo offers its large and friendly community of players variations such as bingo 50, bingo 75, bingo 80, bingo 90 and bingo lite. All of these games provide plenty of entertainment for Tombola Bingo members, who regularly win top cash prizes, huge jackpots and numerous other rewards for playing on the site.\r\n\r\nAt the very beginning of March, Tombola Bingo celebrated St. David’s Day by offering £5,000 in additional cash prizes between 7pm and 9pm in bingo 90. The site also provided £1,000 in guaranteed Full House links every half hour. One of Tombola Bingo’s key promotions for March, however, is one that has already been running since early February. The Footy Coupon is perfect for fans of the great game but can also be enjoyed by those who feel little passion for the sport. Footy Coupon works by enabling Tombola Bingo players to place online bets (single and trebles available) ranging from 20p to £5 on ten of the top weekend matches. The prize pool is split by the players who pick the most correct results and the top prize last month went out to cali02 and lexi127, who both managed to select eight correct results.\r\n\r\nAt the time of writing this review, there were many big money winners on the Tombola Bingo website. One lucky winner, richss89, scooped a huge £6,087 at 2am on the 12th March whilst playing bingo 90, which demonstrates that tenacity does sometimes pay off! Other top winners included: dawnsawinner1937 (bingo 50, £1,000); shazza1965 (bingo 50, £1,000); rachel40 (bingo 50, £1,000); 3littlepigs (cinco, £1,000); rosylee (bingo roulette, £1,000); and lulu221, who landed a huge jackpot of £11,266 whilst playing bingo 90! Players are advised to keep checking the Tombola Bingo website for updates on any forthcoming promotions or bonuses, as these are sometimes given short notice on the site’s blog.\r\n\r\nClick here to visit Tombola

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